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“Don’t shop less, shop digital fashion.” – DressX

I’m scrolling through TikTok, as I do whenever I need a quick laugh, and I come across an ad I haven’t seen before for a company called “DressX.” They call themselves the “first multi-brand store for digital-only fashion.” So naturally, I was immediately both interested and skeptical by this concept. Still, after my research, I can confidently say that DressX has a sort of intriguing charm that has won me over. 

To “wear” DressX, you take a picture of yourself in the most neutral clothing possible, send it in with the item of clothing you desire, and the magicians at DressX will then photoshop the digital clothing onto the picture and send it back to you. So instead of paying for a physical piece of clothing, you pay for a picture of yourself in whatever Matrix-y digital image catches your fancy. 

With DressX’s Tik Tok account garnering over 2 million likes, it’s safe to say that this crazy concept is only at the start of its popularity. Scrolling through DressX’s Instagram, I wouldn’t say that the pictures come out looking perfectly natural, however they do come out looking amazingly fun and futuristic. At its core, the brand seems to have three pros as to why we should obsess over digital fashion.

  1. The brand is entirely sustainable. On their website, DressX mentions that fashion is said to be one of the most unsustainable industries and one of the most wasteful. Here is their claim to sustainability: “At DressX, we are creating the garments of the future that eliminate waste and chemicals during production and minimize carbon footprint.” They’re asking that instead of buying that crazy Shein dress that you’ll wear once for an Insta pic, just digitize it!
  2. They employ talented artists that you may never have been able to hear about otherwise. Some of my favorite designers that they carry are Elena Semeneko and Annau. Along with these incredible designers, the price points are definitely worth noting. Items of clothing on the site range from $0.00 (designers who are just trying to get their name out there) to thousands of dollars (essentially looks I would be proud to wear to the Met Gala.) 
  3. The brand is completely size and gender-inclusive! Everything is digitized to fit your body type, so no searching endlessly through racks or waiting forever in fitting room lines. 

From the reviews that I’ve read, it seems like some pieces of clothing get digitized better than others, but overall, the photoshop is only getting better as DressX continues working on their coding. **Through my research of this brand, I found a great video that YouTuber Safiya Nygaard uploaded where she tries multiple outfits from DressX and sees if her Insta followers can tell whether her clothes are digitized or not! Go watch it!

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I am a sophomore at Holy Cross majoring in English. I am unsure of what I want to minor in but leaning towards creative writing. I love Taylor Swift, Jane Austen, and am currently scouring the states to find the perfect dirty chai tea latte.
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