College Student Gift Guide

'Tis the season for spreading cheer and giving gifts! If you need a little inspiration for the college student in your life, here’s a quick list of must-haves.


  1. 1. Denim Jacket

    Jean jackets are a staple in any college wardrobe. You can wear it with anything and can dress it up or down. Try different versions like cropped, distressed, colored, or oversized to match your unique sense of style.

  2. 2. AirPods

    I used to be apprehensive of the AirPods movement, but have totally jumped on board. Wireless headphones are perfect for listening to music or a podcast while folding laundry or cleaning your room. No need to get tangled in endless wires while just trying to relax.

  3. 3. Adidas Stan Smiths

    Fashion sneakers are the perfect wardrobe staple for college students. You can wear them with a maxi dress or jeans, and to class or to a party. My favorite sneakers are the Adidas Stan Smiths -- white leather with a dash of color.

  4. 4. Printed Leggings

    Athleisure is so clutch for college students. When you’re running late to class or planning a long study sesh in the library, you need something cute but comfy and easy to throw on. Leggings with a fun print are the perfect answer -- cute, comfy, and stylish! Simply throw them on with a cozy sweatshirt and you’ll look ten times more put together than you actually feel.


  5. 5. Cards Against Humanity

    This card game is the perfect icebreaker for college kids trying to make new friends or get to know each other better. Be prepared to laugh out loud at this outrageous game.