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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

      If you are on “Book Tok”, this review is for you. Tik Tok and various social media platforms have transformed the world of reading. There are so many ways to find books that actually interest you, as well as hear honest feedback from those who have also read the books you are pondering. One of the most “viral” authors is Colleen Hoover. She writes young adult stories, mostly involving romance, that all have their own more complex storyline to go along with the romance. I have read 8 Colleen Hoover books and am here to give you my honest opinion on whether or not these books are worth your time.


  1. November 9- My favorite! November 9 is such a pleasant story about young love, while also tying in the realities of the world and hardships. There are so many intricate details and parts to this story, and without giving too much away, I will say the concept of this story is unique and again really had my attention throughout the whole book.

Worth your time? – YES

  1. Verity- This book is insane!! I loved this story, from start to finish, but just a warning it is creepier and more eerie than her other books. Of course there is the romance aspect, but that is NOT the main focus of this story. Just when you think this book cannot get crazier, it does. I had a hard time putting this book down!

Worth your time? – YES

  1. It Ends With Us- This is the most “viral” book in the collection and is the first Colleen Hoover one I read. As soon as I picked it up, I was hooked! This read was the fastest I have ever had with a book and it’s funny because a lot of my friends say the same thing about their experience with it. This one grabs your attention immediately and never lets go. It is a very spicy romance novel, but like all her books has a deeper story tied into it.

Worth your time?- YES

  1. Hopeless- This book takes a while to get going, but once it does…..you’ll be addicted. I recommend this book despite the fact that there are some heavy topics. This story is also centered around a much younger love, whereas the main characters are in high school. Typically, Hoover’s other stories are focused more around adult love. As someone who is only 18, I enjoyed reading about young love, but that is not for everyone. (SA warning).

Worth your time?- YES

  1. Ugly Love- This was the second Hoover book I read, after “It Ends With Us”. To me personally, this book did not compare to “It Ends With Us” and I can say even after reading several more of her novels….it is not one of my favorites. Again, a spicy romance novel, but it failed to grab my attention like a lot of her other books have done and it was not as captivating. I would recommend this book, but if you are limited in time, I would read others before this one.

Worth your time?- Eventually, YES

  1. Reminders of Him- This story is good (as opposed to great) and I would recommend reading it, but it is not as intense as her other stories. It is dragged out a bit, and has the usual romance aspect paired with a more complex storyline, but it was just “meh” for me.

Worth your time?- Eventually, YES

  1. Layla- When I started this book, I was genuinely so confused as to why I was reading a ghost story. This book is unlike any of Hoover’s other books in that it has a paranormal aspect to it. It does have a romance story line, but I did not love this book because I found the main character very hard to like (and believe me,I tried!)

Worth your time? If you are into ghosts, YES

  1. Maybe Someday- Out of all her books that I have read, this is the only one that I am going to tell you is NOT worth your time. Personally, I just didn’t understand the draw to this story. It was hard for me to identify (or even like) the main characters, therefore it was difficult for me to enjoy the book.

Worth your time?- NO

Personally, I love Colleen’s books, and she is the author that really got me back into reading (which is now one of my favorite hobbies)!  She writes captivating stories that involve romance, personal issues, and there’s always some sort of unexpected twist and turn just when you think the book is getting slow. I recommend her books to a lot of people around me. My mom, who hasn’t read a book in 20 years, has finally picked up reading again after I gave her my pile of Hoover’s books. If you are hesitant in reading Hoover’s books because of their “trendiness”, I urge you to push past that wall and just give her a try.

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