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If you are up to date on what’s big in makeup, then you have definitely heard of Charlotte Tilbury by now. Ever since one of their lipstick shades, “pillowtalk”, went viral on social media, the brand has been booming. The only downside of this blow up, however, is that their products are not the most affordable. So, are they worth their price tag? I am here to give you my honest opinion on the Charlotte Tilbury products I personally own and have been using for a significant amount of time.

Hollywood Flawless Filter

This product is not a full foundation or even a tinted moisturizer, but more of a skin smoother. As someone who doesn’t like to wear foundation or have full coverage makeup on my face, this product is great! It leaves a light layer of skin smoothing product on your face and makes your skin look airy, dewy, and flawless (just like its name). I actually wore this to my prom in the spring and got a lot of compliments on how my skin looked. Best of all, I didn’t feel too “made up” and it lasted all night! If you are looking for something with full coverage, this is NOT the product for you, but if you want something light and natural, I highly recommend it. The full size is $46.00, but they sell a mini version for $17.00 which is definitely the way to go to try it before committing.



Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder

This product is a staple of mine and I use it whenever I do my makeup. It sets concealer and foundation really well, and your face stays matte instead of shiny, for a long time. It looks very natural and not cakey at all. The full size is $46.00, but again, there is a mini version for $26.00.


Beauty Light Wand (shade=peachgasm)

In my opinion, this product was not all it was hyped up to be. After using it, I was disappointed with how unnatural and flaky it looked. I also did not choose a good shade (I never wear a peachy shade, but I wanted to give it a shot). If you are buying this product, I would stick to a highlight shade that you know that you like on your skin. Also, the packaging of this product was messy and very impractical. Definitely not worth the $40.00, there are much better highlighters that are more affordable.


Pillowtalk Push Up Lashes Mascara

This product was another disappointment for me. I am not sure if it was just my personal experience but when I wore this mascara it bled throughout the day and by the end of the day, I had black marks under my eye. When I first put it on, I was happy with how it looked and it kept the curl of my lashes, but it didn’t have the stamina I wanted and was expecting. It is $29.00, and not worth it.


Hyaluronic Happikiss – Pillow Talk

My last product from Charlotte Tilbury is the Hyaluronic Happikiss in the famous shade “pillowtalk”. I really like this product, but I wish I had purchased a different color. I only bought  “pillowtalk” because I had heard so much about it….silly me!! But after using it a couple of times, I realized this shade does not look good on everyone. It was too late to return and it was so expensive, so I mix it with a lip liner and gloss and it looks fine. The texture is really nice and hydrating, and the color lasts a long time. It costs $34.00.


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