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The Best Places to Visit During Cape Week

Ah, Cape Week. The stress of the finals has passed, but the anxiety of the ~real world~ is slowly setting in. What better way to cope than with a last minute low-budget vacation to Cape Cod with hundreds of your closest friends!


The Hunter’s Green Motel Lot

Holy Cross Lot parties meet Holy Cross football tailgates. Not much more I can say on that subject.


Taki’s Pizza

Foodies, step aside — Taki’s Pizza will be your go to all week. it’s the end of the school year and everyone’s balance is dangerously low; Taki’s location (right next-door to Hunter’s Green) and low cost of pizza makes Taki’s a go to for the week.  I’m pretty sure that last year I lived off of bread and takis during Cape Week, and I made it out alive. Somehow.




Anything’s a step up from Leit’s or Whiskey – but places with outdoor bars, pools, and live music? Sign me up.


The Cape Cod Inflatable Water Park

I don’t know anyone who went to this, but it looks so fun – AND it’s across the street from the motel, so a win-win. I think we should all collectively decide to go to this.


This is a time to make memories with your best friends. Whatever you decide to do Cape Week, make it fun.  Godspeed, my friends. Godspeed. 


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