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I love nothing more than walking into a store during the holidays and seeing all of the Christmas PJ pants, sets, and fuzzy socks to match. Here is your guide to the stores with the BEST selection and BEST prices for these absolute holiday essentials!


  1. Amazon

Amazon has a huge selection of Christmas PJ pants and sets — they even have full matching family sets if you’re feeling super cheerful. 


  1. Old Navy 

I feel like this is the most obvious one on the list. Everyone knows that Old Navy is the place to go for your holiday clothing needs. Their PJs are so comfortable, they are almost always on sale, and have some of the cutest patterns and designs!


  1. Gap 

With a similar selection to Old Navy, Gap sells great flannel pants and their holiday joggers are so cozy! They also sell sets and PJ shorts!


  1. Aerie 

Aerie by American Eagle not only has super cute holiday PJs, but also all of their PJs are so cute and so comfortable. Although their PJs and sets may be a bit more expensive than other options, they are SO worth it. Keep your eyes peeled for sales!!


  1. L.L. Bean 

Okay, L.L. Bean has a large price tag on their holiday PJ sets, but they are your basic go-to patterned, reliable, warm, and cozy PJs. Maybe add these to the Christmas list?


  1. Target

Target’s PJs have a similar look to L.L. Bean and sometimes Old Navy. They are WAY more reasonably priced than L.L. Bean and super cute! They have less pattern and design options than Old Navy but still a great option!


  1. Eddie Bauer 

Eddie Bauer is a very similar company to L.L. Bean. Their Christmas PJ selection for women is very limited but their mens’ Christmas PJ pants are TO DIE FOR. Again, a little pricey for PJ pants in my opinion, but they will for sure hold up and are worth the investment! As long as you just figure out your size conversion to men’s, you are golden!

Fiona Willette

Holy Cross '24

Fiona Willette is a freshman at Holy Cross from Stamford, Connecticut. She loves ALL things food, loves to stay active and spend time with friends and family!
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