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Each May, without fail, I pull up Apple Music (yes, it’s better than Spotify) on my phone and peruse dozens and dozens of playlists and albums in the attempt to curate the perfect setlist for the summer. Despite the thousands of artists and songs out there, compiling a summer playlist always seems to end up becoming a daunting and consuming task that takes up far more time than I’d like it to. Between forgetting the names of certain songs to accidentally deleting all the progress I’d previously made, I loathe creating the playlist as much as I love making it. To hopefully make things a little easier this year, I’ve put together a list of my five favorite artists to add to your summer 2024 playlist who have a plethora of songs that encapsulate the different vibes of the season.

  1. Surfaces

Although a relatively lesser known group, Surfaces has hands down some of the best music to listen to during the summer. While their better known hits are “24 / 7 / 365” and “Sunday Best”, all of their music is absolutely perfect to listen to stretched out on the beach or by the pool. My personal favorite songs are “Heaven Falls / Fall on Me” and “Sunny Side Up”. 

  1. Bad Bunny

For some reggaeton and trap music, try listening to Bad Bunny. Whether at a big party or playing beach volleyball with friends, this rapper’s music is sure to have the best beats and bring the energy. My favorite song is “Tití me Pregunto”. 

  1. Morgan Wallen

To me, summer is the only actual acceptable time to listen to country music. Morgan Wallen is my favorite country artist to listen to (probably because his music is as pop as it is country) and my favorite songs to blast with the windows down are “The Way I Talk” and “Thinkin’ Bout Me”. 

  1. Tai Verdes

For more music similar to Surface’s, check out Tai Verdes. His songs have the same positive vibes and upbeat tunes but are more focused on romance and have a faster beat. “Sheluvme” and “AOK” are some of my absolute favorite songs to listen to while getting ready to go out with friends or on my way to work. 

  1. Taylor Swift 

As disappointed as I am with TTPD, I couldn’t not put Taylor on this list. From the upbeat songs of Lover to the ballads of Folklore, Taylor has something for every mood of the summer. Personal favorites for the summertime include “Mary’s Song” and “Paper Rings”. 

Bonus Song: The Spins by Mac Miller

To me, this song is the actual epitome of summer and encapsulates the entire vibe of the season.

Natalia Jacuch

Holy Cross '27

Natalia is a dedicated and ambitious first year student at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. From a young age, she has had a passion for creative writing and journalism, and she anticipates to declare an English major at the college in the spring. A New Hampshire native, she loves to spend time with her mom at the bay, go striper fishing, and go on adventures. She also enjoys making Taylor Swift friendship bracelets and playing card games with friends.