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For me, college has been quite an adjustment and even in my sophomore year, I still am trying to navigate maintaining a social life, my academics, personal well-being, and work. Through trial and error, I have found an effective way to do this. Each person is different in their own needs and focuses, but here is my guide as to how I did it and am still working through it.


My main issue I have always encountered with finding the right balance comes from comparison. Online, whether it be Instagram or LinkedIn, I always felt like I was behind or not experiencing “college correctly” and that I was not taking advantage of enough opportunities. Once I stopped comparing myself to others and started focusing on what I could do in the present, I felt like I was accomplishing more and stepping out of my comfort zone. I also felt like I was able to contribute more to certain aspects of my life better, focusing more on myself and the activities I was currently doing, ultimately building better relationships and connections.


Creating a detailed schedule has helped me better organize my time and see which weeks are more busy or slower for me. My adding all my stuff for the week, assignments, club meetings, and shifts helps me plan in advance so that I do not become overwhelmed because of a forgotten assignment or unexpected event. Although that still happens sometimes, this helps me manage it better. Also adding an exact time to do things that you enjoy can force you to take that break. Sometimes, I get caught up in what I am doing and forget to take a moment for myself, this helps me accomplish that.

Take a Break

I find taking a break or a time to relax within your day is important, however, I tend to find it the most difficult because I feel “guilty” whenever I take a break instead of “doing my work.” I try to incorporate a break every day for at least an hour and I make sure that I am doing something that I enjoy. Usually, I will watch a show, or go to a spin class, take a nap, go for a walk, or really just anything that gets my mind off my daily routine. This goes for the weekends as well. It is important to recognize when you need a break and that can be socially too. Sometimes on weekend nights, I decide to stay in because it is something I need and although I tend to get FOMO occasionally, I end up happy with my decision.

Kyra Corbisiero is currently a sophomore at College of the Holy Cross is majoring in Psychology and Sociology. Kyra loves fashion, movies, architecture, travel, and the social sciences.