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A Leap Out of My Comfort Zone

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

As my Sophomore year has begun to come to an end, it is hard to believe that 2 years have already passed since I stepped foot into my forced-triple dorm as a nervously excited Freshman. I have loved my time so far at Holy Cross, meeting so many amazing people, joining exciting clubs and even starting my own programs as well, and learning and growing in all of my classes. This year has been the best, as I’ve gotten closer with so many loved ones. It is hard for me to realize things will be changing. 

I have never really had an issue with stepping out of my comfort zone. In 8th grade, I opted to leave the middle school and friends I loved to go to a high school about an hour away where I knew my academics and more would be challenged. I knew it was for the better, but it didn’t make it easier to leave. Yet again, that happened with college, leaving my high school I dearly loved, and my town and family I love even more. While I didn’t go as far as others to attend college, only a ferry and a few more hours away, I still stepped out of my comfort zone to a place where I knew only a few random classmates and no nearby family. Yet again, that has been the best decision for me. Here at Holy Cross, I have been involved, met wonderful friends, intelligent and caring professors, and loved my jobs, classes, extracurriculars, boxing and spin classes, and the countless fun activities my friends and I do around campus and Worcester. 

Despite the comfort and sense of home and love I feel here, I knew that I really wanted to participate in both Study Abroad and the D.C. Semester Programs. This has led me to be accepted into the D.C. Semester Program for this coming Fall, and studying abroad in Rome, Italy that coming Spring. I could not be more excited for both of these experiences, and I have no regrets in doing them, but knowing I will be away from the comfort I have now is a little nervously exciting, just as every other amazing experience I’ve had has started out. I love the comfort I have here in my major, minor and other classes, grabbing lunch and dinner with friends, going to the Jo daily for my workouts, studying in Dinand with friends, going to weekly mass at our beautiful chapel, and attending countless club meetings every week. I am going to miss the people I have closest to me, knowing we realistically all won’t be together for a year. However, I am so excited for the opportunities in front of me. I know I am making the right decision, and will absolutely love both of these experiences. Stepping out of my comfort has led to amazing opportunities and experiences that I wouldn’t have had if I didn’t take the leap to the unique possibilities available to me. Sometimes you just need to take that leap out of your comfort zone to live amazing experiences you otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to.

Ashley Bunici

Holy Cross '26

Ashley Bunici is from Long Island, New York and is a Political Science Major and Disability Studies Minor, on the pre-law track. She loves to volunteer and be involved in clubs, spend time with friends and family, and travel.