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Dorm room essentials:

Sunrise/Sunset Lamp

      As someone who hates mornings, and even more so with the regular iPhone alarm sounds, this was and has been one of my favorite purchases. The alarm of birds chirping is amazing, the sunrise lighting when the shades are closed feels so natural, and I love that I can set a timer for a sunset when I’m about to go to bed. This is an 11/10 purchase for me!


      At home, and in my dorm room, my bed is located either right in front of or right below the a/c unit. This can make it frustrating in the mornings when I wake up with a stuffy or runny nose due to the cold or hot air coming from the vent. Having my humidifier next to me makes me feel so much better in the morning. This is one of my favorite humidifiers I’ve had!


      I absolutely love this, especially when I want my room to look aesthetically pleasing. I’ve also gotten so many compliments on this, as people have walked by and said they thought it was really cool. I totally agree with them because it is so cool. You can change the settings as well to either all blue, all stars, or a mix between blue and stars. I love the all-star setting for when I’m going to sleep. LED’s also look so cool with this as well.


      Dyson Blow Dryer

      Although it’s pretty loud (especially in the mornings) it is perfect for blow-drying and styling hair. There are three settings for both the heat and pressure, there is a cold setting and a power button. I also have three different attachments to the blow-dryer which I absolutely love! When I want my hair curly, I use mousse, and curl cream, and the blow-drying attachment specifically for curls. When I want a more 90’s styled blow-out look, I use my other attachments that are made specifically for just that. 

      Chanel Perfume

      I don’t have much to say about this perfume besides the fact that I absolutely love the smell, and the bottle is so aesthetically pleasing.

      Any lip product, but more specifically NARS and Neutrogena

      I don’t typically use Neutrogena but in a rush and in desperate need of a lip gloss, I bought one at CVS. I am not regretting it at all, because it is such a pretty color and lasts so long. Another one of my favorite lip products is NARS lip gloss. I love switching between a lighter pink shade and a darker pink shade for lip gloss, especially depending on my outfit for the day.

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