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The 6 People You See At Kimball

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.
  1. The Athlete: This person will stroll in with their pack of teammates and simultaneously overtake “their” set table. They will then proceed to the main meal, most likely wearing their *big black*, where they will take two plates of the chicken parm and leave us mere mortals with the sad looking last piece of chicken.
  2. The Girl(s) Coming from the Gym: This person strategically chose to go to Hart at 430 so they could waltz down to Kimball in time for the 6pm rush. By doing this, everyone will think they’re super sporty with their “I just went to the gym” look.  
  3. The People That Have Been There For Two Hours: This group is likely to be sitting on the right side with either a prime view of Sis so they can see who is swiping in or by the cereal station so they can have a panoramic view of the whole dining venue and everyone in it. You’ll hear them talking endlessly about their calc exam Monday and their DFMs on Wednesday night. 
  4. That Guy with 3 Hamburgers, 2 Slices of Pizza, a Bowl of Cereal, and a Banana (For Lunch): We’ve all seen him and we all envy him. He’s there having the time of his life, while you’re sulking into your turkey burger with no bun (and no fun). 
  5. Those in the Stir Fry Line: A curious bunch known for their stamina and drive. Though you may scuff at them in line while you breeze pass them on your way to get your wrap, in the long run, they actually have the best of both worlds as they get to scan the room for friends, old friends, hookups, valentines, and ex’s while still being rewarded with a hot and delicious bowl of rice/noodles. 
  6. The Person Who is Waiting for Their Friend(s): This individual can be seen waiting from 2 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the friends’ whereabouts. At first they’ll be seen scrolling through fb or insta but gradually they’ll resort to their email and then to (fake) texting. It only goes downhill from here (if you see this person, please try to make friendly conversation to ease the tension/tears).