5 Taylor Swift Songs for Fans of "Wandavision"

I’ve recently caught up on the latest streaming phenomenon, “Wandavision.” Disney +’s new television series centers around the relationship between two Avengers: the Scarlet Witch (Wanda) and the Vision. They get married, move to a sweet suburban town, and recreate classic sitcoms. Of course, everything is not quite what it seems in Westview. As I became more obsessed with Wanda and Vision and their relationship, I did what I always do to things that I enjoy -- I figured out which Taylor Swift songs best match their lives. Here is the playlist that I came up with for Wandavision. Prepare to cry and sing your heart out.

  1. 1. "right where you left me"

    This bonus track from “evermore” might be one of Taylor’s best songs, which is saying a lot considering she’s a lyrical genius. It’s second verse rivals that of The Chick’s “Not Ready to Make Nice” for best second verse in musical history. It tells the story of a woman left frozen in time and unable to cope with the tragic, unexpected end of her relationship. You’ll never be able to listen to this song without tearing up once you apply it to Wanda’s life.

  2. 2. "mad woman"


  3. 3. "Dancing With Our Hands Tied"

    Don’t let the arcade-esque melody distract you from the devastating lyrics T-Swift spits out in this song. It tells a wistful story about love and loss with a melancholic yet loving tone that emulates that of Wandavision.

  4. 4. "Getaway Car"

    Maybe this is a bit of a stretch, but think of Westview as her getaway car. It actually fits pretty well! 

  5. 5. "Clean"

    Another of my favorite Taylor songs and definitely one of her most heartbreaking. It’s easy to imagine Wanda listening to this while sobbing in the shower. It’s very cathartic (trust me, I’ve been there).

Queue up these songs after you watch the newest episode. You’re going to need them. 

P.S. If you’re not watching Wandavision, what are you waiting for?!?