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5 Quick Eats in Worcester Worth Trying!

Sometimes all you need to clear your head is to get off campus and go in to Worcester to enjoy its interesting and worthwhile cheap eats!  There are plenty of nice sit down restaurants, but sometimes (as busy college students), it’s more about casual and takeout.  If you need a break from Kimball, here are some of my favorites that I would suggest. 

1. Birchtree Bread Company: This is quick, casual, and local right in Kelly Square. They have great sandwiches and pizzas! Not a lot of gluten free options unfortunately,  but still so good.

2. Baystate Shawarma and Grill: This is a great Middle Eastern place right in the heart of Kelly Square that most tend to overlook. If you're eating healthy, they have great salads and sandwiches with chicken or beef. 

3. Island Fin Poke Company: This spot is a little further away than the others, located on Goldstar Blvd, this is worth the hike as it is a super fresh and healthy choice! 

4. Baba Sushi: This go to sushi spot on Park Ave is always fresh and they are great for pick up or delivery. 

5. Wings Over Worcester: Another great spot right in Kelly Square, especially if you're craving wings. Always good and lots of varieties! 

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