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46 Things Those Rowdy HC Boys Do

There is only so much you can do on the hill to keep the party going and we owe a lot of it to the “hardo” male population that can just keep on keepin’ on.  Boys are good for a lot of things; they can carry kegs, they’ll start dance parties, and even control the music.  So, it isn’t a surprise when trends start to streak (no pun intended) through HC with these crazy party animals.  You boys didn’t get an A+ on college prowler for nothing! 


1)   Jump on every table in sight until it breaks

2)   Break random items until people cheer

3)   Punch walls

4)   Punch each other

5)   Punch everything

6)   Smash cans on their heads

7)   Pee anywhere but the toilet

8)   There’s always one person who will “get you back later” with beers

9)   Sing an absurd amount of karoyke, mostly old classic songs only boys know

10)  Take their shirts off

11)  Poor drinks on each other

12)  Snapchat their feet

13)  Rap offs, consisting only of swears

14)  Brag about how good they are in pong

15)  Brag about how many “chicks” they “get”

16)  Sit on laundry machines, cars, stone walls etc.

17)  Shotgun

18)  Shotgun again because their friends told them too

19)  One more shot gun for good luck and cuz their the man



20)  Throw furniture out of windows

21)  Boot and Rally

22)  Carry around handles of Burnetts

23)  Recite the lyrics to every song while jumping up and down

24)  Spend money they don’t have

25)  Wear Jerseys out

26)  Wear sweat shorts and Jorts…why?

27)  Grill everything

28)  Develop accents

29)  Snapchat each other puking

30)  Hit on anyone and everyone

31)  Case Races

32)  Wear Hawaiian shirts that end up unbuttoned two minutes into the party

33)  Try to out drink each other

34)  Make everything into a competition

35)  Text girls at 2 am “Where’d u go?



36)  Punch each other

37)  Then kiss and make up

38)  Vandalize stuff

39)  Wrestle people bigger than them

40)  Go to Wendy’s

41)  PG with video games

42)  Draw on each others faces

43  Order way to many wings

44)  Mooch off of their friends’ Dominos

45)  Spill everywhere

46)  Pass out at three wake up at ten, go out to eat and then do it again (man they love college) 


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Holy Cross

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