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The Wine Connoisseur: Alyssa Kovin

Year: 2012
Major: International Business
Minor: Film
What do you plan on doing with your major? I plan on becoming a sales representative for a Wine Import Company.
What sparked your interest in pursuing wine in particular? When I was in high school I went to my regular school for three periods then a technical school for Restaurant Management for the remainder of the day. I got a job as a paid internship with a restaurant that had an acclaimed wine list and I saw the tastings first hand. I was fascinated by it. It was definitely something I could do and that I wanted to pursue.

Why did you choose Hollins, rather than a culinary arts focused school? I wanted a school that I felt comfortable in.  Hollins was it. Also, though Roanoke is small, it’s a great way to branch into wine because my passion for it is kind of a minority here with our generation. I now work for Valhalla Vineyards as well as assist a major Events Planner in the area. I’ve been getting experience in my career since I was sixteen and a lot of people can’t say that.
Do you feel that your attending a smaller liberal arts concentrated university, has aided or hindered your career goals? A bit of both. I could have had a more concentrated education going to a major institution like Johnson and Wales but I am elated that I didn’t!  Hollins made me develop and fine-tune the social skills I need in my field with intensive knowledge of global business aspects from my major. I have had a very unique education here; one that I will carry for the rest of my life.
How do you find balance between going to interviews and handling classes at the same time? I’m still learning how to prioritize.  A lot of my schedule is dependent on me finding the time so honestly my smartphone is one of my greatest tools.  My goal is to graduate and that will always come first but I have other responsibilities to NEFA, Arts Association, and my overall wellbeing. It will never be balanced nor will it ever be perfect, but I make it work.

Ashlee Oliver is a junior at Hollins University; majoring in Economics with a minor in International Business. After she graduates she aspires to join a sales/marketing team with a television network or in the fashion industry. She hopes people can find some aid in the Her Campus articles and video blogs not only on your school website or even the central Her Campus site; yet explore the sites of your Her Campus counterparts from other universities. Stay Fabulicious! xoxo
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