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Procrastination Station: 5 Productive Ways to Avoid Studying

Finals are almost here. Next week is the penultimate week of classes, and you’ve got tons to do.

But moooom, I don’t want to! you say.

Fair enough. Here are five awesome ways to procrastinate while still being productive.

1. Clean by Category If you’ve got vocabulary, dates, formulas, or facts to memorize, write them all down. Then, hide them around your room in places you have to clean. Try to keep subjects and topics that are related hidden in similar tasks. Maybe you put all your Latin vocabulary under pieces of clothing. Each time you pick up one of those socks — they’ve been there since March, they need to go — you’ll be engaging with the studying you should be doing by procrastination by cleaning. Studies have shown that associating particular movements or concepts with things you need to learn make remembering the things you need to learn easier later on. So when you’re in your Latin final and your mind wanders to the chores you need to do later, you’ll think of the laundry. Oh, and that sock you picked up that one time when you were supposed to be studying — under which was the answer to question #26. Two birds, one stone. Pro tip: number each note you put down (I suggest using index cards for each piece of information) so you make sure you hit all of the facts when you’re cleaning up.

2. Take a Break to Do Something Creative If you’re working on a traditionally non-creative subject, like math or science, take a break to do some creative work. This gives one side of your brain a bit of a break, but allows you to keep working. Same goes for the opposite — been working on that creative writing portfolio for hours? Take a while to focus on those mathematical formulas you’ve been avoiding. 

3. Go to the Gym Let your brain take a complete break. Go work out that nervous energy in Tayloe or in the weight room. Sometimes, you just need a little bit of a mental vacation to come up with the perfect ideas. Plus, your body will thank you!

4. Check out YouTube After your fifth cat video, wander over to educational YouTube channels like SciShow or CrashCourse. Chances are, you’ll find a video relevant to what you should be studying, and most of them are fun and entertaining. You’ll hardly realize that you’ve been studying the whole time. The same may go for some blogs on Tumblr or other popular websites.

5. Make a To Do List And it can be as pretty as you like. Organize by subject, due date, or any other way you fancy. Color it, add doodles, post it on Facebook and lament the long, long list. Having a game plan will help you feel more ready to attack the mountain of work you have to do.

Bonus #6: Keep Checking Back at Her Campus Hollins for More Fun Tips and Procrastination Material!

Good luck with all of your finals!

I grew up in New Hampshire writing frequently and reading always. After high school, I began my English/Creative Writing degree at Hollins University in Virginia. My aspirations include becoming a young adult librarian and writing for the same audience.
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