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Letter(s) from the Editor(s) – Words of Senior Wisdom

you’re a first year just getting your footing on campus or a senior who feels like Hollins is a second home, the beginning of Fall semester can be jarring.

The HC Hollins editors: Amber Rambharose, Ashlee Oliver, and Claire McCown have survived three Fall semesters so far (and anticipate making it through this one, as well) and between Tinker Scares and walking on front quad, put their heads together to offer you these precious bits of wisdom.

From how often to check your Hollins email to how often to schedule in a nap, these three Hollins women have learned a lot of valuable lessons on their way to senior year. 

HC Hollins Co-President 

Major: English
Minor: Psychology 
Hollins Tradition:
Ring Night
“If you’re a first year, don’t walk on Front Quad. Befriend the people of Walmart. Sunday has fewer hours than the rest of the days of the week. Do not leave all your homework until Sunday.

Become comfortable finding glitter on your clothes, in your room, and on your food. Do not think you can get away with skipping class without your Professors finding out. Hollins is a small campus. They will find you.

Always carry chap stick. If you live in the apartments, make sure you have everything you need for class before you walk to campus because under no circumstances will you be willing to go back for anything. Above all, craft hard or go home.” 

HC Hollins Co-President 

Major: Economics
Hollins Tradition: Senior Week
“Don’t procrastinate. Get involved in something extracurricular. It will bring you closer to your Hollins sisters. Apply for internships. They’ll bring you closer to your career goals and the world. Don’t ever be afraid. Always dive right in.

Remember to check your email. EVERY DAY. Don’t get yourself involved in drama. Your education and your goals are more important and negativity will drain you. Stay positive!

Save your sick days for when you are actually sick. Climb the mountain on Tinker Day. Stay golden, keep it classy and if you’re a senior, I better see you wearing your robes on the 19th of every month.” 

Hollins Senior Editor
Favorite Hollins Tradition: Tinker Scares
“Set aside time for naps at least once a week. Don’t lie to yourself and say you will stay up late doing homework because after midnight your brain will stop functioning and you’ll just snack and giggle with your friends.

Glitter is a part of Hollins. It will get everywhere and you will learn to love it. Don’t forget to make memories. Find a place to study that works for you and park yourself there as often as possible.

Set yourself small goals throughout the week so you never have to look at an overwhelming to-do list. Get to know your Professors They are all here to  help you.” 

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