Filmmaker: Jazzy Kettenacker

Jazzy Kettenacker is a senior at Hollins, majoring in film and can usually be seen lugging video equipment around campus or holed up, editing her movies in the VAC. Many student have had small roles in her movies and have seen screenings of them during the Film Department showcase each semester.  This year, her documentary Rumble Young Man, Rumble is being shown during the 2011 Saint Louis International Film Festival. This week, I caught up with Jasmine, known almost universally as Jazzy (K!), and asked her a few questions. Check out her answers below: 

A: Have you always wanted to make films?
J: No. When I was younger I wanted to be a basketball player or a music producer. I started becoming interested in film when I was thirteen. 
A: What made you make the switch?
J: I saw the Mask of Zorro and I really loved it. It got me into watching other films and it took off from there.
A: How did you start making movies?
J: I went to film camp for a few years. We filmed clips and learned how to edit and direct our own shorts.
A: Do you just do your own movies?
J: No. I also shoot and edit music videos.
A: Tell me about your movie that's being screened at the Saint Louis International Film Festival this year.
J: I made a short documentary about boxing called Rumble, Young Man, Rumble. It's being screened before another film at the Tivoli Theater in The Loop, which is a really awesome, cultural area in Saint Louis. 
A: What are your plans for after graduation?
J: I'm moving back to Saint Louis. I'll do filming and still photography for people and eventually I'd like to open my own production company.