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Campus Celebrities SGA Edition – HAB Chair Hopeful Bethany O’Neil

As many of us know, SGA elections are tomorrow and we’ll spend the day deciding what students will run our school for the 2012-2013 school year.
The HC Hollins Team knows that’s kind of a big deal, so we interviewed several of the students running for SGA positions to hear about their campaigns, goals and qualifications in their own words.

I caught up with Bethany O’Neil, (running for Hollins Activity Board Chair) at the Hollins Climbing Wall last night. Check out what she had to say about effectiveness, events and reeling in a crowd. 

Amber Rambharose (AR): Can you tell me a little bit about why you’re running for HAB Chair and why you’re the best candidate?

Bethany O’Neil (BN): Well, I have served on my class cabinet for two and half years, it’ll be three years at the end of this semester. I’ve done different positions, I was a senator and then I was Vice President and I really enjoy organizing things so I spent a lot of my time this year on HAB attempting to make the Board run better. Last semester, I did a research project about how to make HAB appear more accessible and spent all of last semester interviewing people about HAB. I learned a lot about what people want and how they think things should be done and I think that that knowledge is something that the new HAB chair needs to have because we’re at a dead end right now. People aren’t satisfied with the events that we’re having, they don’t want to go because they don’t think they’ll have fun.

AR: I know that on your Facebook page you addressed a question about how people don’t really get excited about events and that you would work to fix that. How are you going to improve the events? 

BN: One of the main problems I found when  I was doing my surveys was that people weren’t satisfied with the number of outside guests and the type of entertainment that we have on the weekends. People said the weekends were boring. They also said that they enjoyed the bigger events we had, the concerts and the formals events and they wanted more of those types of things. So I’d like to bring in more local bands and have small concerts more frequently in between the larger events. I also think the main reason that people aren’t satisfied with the events is because there aren’t boys, and I’m going to work to change that.

AR: It sounds like you’re coming from a really knowledgeable place. If you could describe how you would fill the position of HAB Chair in three words, what would those three words be?

BN: Organized, diligent and effective. I have always been on time to everything. I’m very organized. I take everything very seriously and I do things quickly and efficiently. That’s how I’ve approached every aspect of my time at Hollins so far. 

Amber is a recent graduate from Hollins University. She greatly enjoyed her time as HC Hollins Editor-In-Chief and looks forward to seeing what great things new students bring to the branch. 
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