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Busy Weekend Draws Crowds

This weekend was full of many events that drew lots of outside guests to the Hollins campus. The Office of Admissions hosted their annual Admitted Students’ Day, and prospective students from across the country arrived to take part in the many events that the admissions counselors had set up. Among these events were workshops for study abroad, a traditions discussion, complete with paper robe crafting, and a roundtable discussion with current students about what it is like to be an English major at Hollins. The high school students also took a tour of the campus and enjoyed a panel during lunch.

The English roundtable discussion was not just a part of Admitted Students’ Day; it was also a part of Lit Fest. This annual Hollins event invites select writers each year to give a reading and sit on a panel to discuss writing contest finalists. Each year the festival usually brings a novelist and a poet, and there is always a third writer who may be a novelist or poet or might write nonfiction. Usually, one of the guests is the current writer-in-residence. This year’s Lit Fest also marked the debut of the new issues of Hollins’ literary magazines: Cargoes, The Album, and Cyborg Griffin. Many attendees of the festival, both students/faculty and guests grabbed free copies of the publications. Early feedback of all three magazines has been positive.

Other events this weekend included a horse show today and a concert tomorrow concerning the overlap between music and activism, with special emphasis on music as a form of women’s activism. Surely, the busyness of this weekend has jolted everyone out of the Spring Break mindset.


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