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You Asked Them! I’ll Answer: Health & Fitness

You asked them!  I’ll answer. Here’s the questions that are on your mind about your body.
Q. How do you get rid of cellulite on your thighs?
A.  The best way to shed that unwanted fat is to exercise, get 7-8 hours of sleep a night, eat right, and stay hydrated (Shape Magazine).  If you feel you are already doing all of these things and not seeing results you might need to switch up your work out regiment.  The key to seeing results from your gym trips is combining strength training and high-intensity interval training.  By strength training you will tone your muscles, which over time will smooth out those unwanted ripples.  Interval training will raise and drop your heart rate and burn the most calories over time.

Q. What’s the best workout for your upper arms?
A.  You need to target your triceps area to tighten your upper arms.  Here are some simple exercising that will zap the fat:
      1. Hold a dumbbell in front of your thighs with your shoulders relaxed.  Lift the weight straight out in front until your arms are parallel with the ground.
      2. Hold weights in both hands with your arms at your sides, lift your arms forming a “T” formation with your body. 
      3.  Chair Dips:  Hold the seat of a chair behind you with your arms locked at your sides, straighten your legs directly in front of you creating a ramp.  Carefully bend and straighten your arms being careful not to turn your hands in. 
      4.  Hold a weight with both hands above your head.  Slowly lower the weight behind your head making sure your elbows are as close together as possible, repeat.
      5.  Old fashion push- ups; Work yourself off your knees and into a full plank.
* Be careful you are using the right amount of weigh to where you are not struggling but you feel your muscles working!
*Repeat each exercise 3 times with 15 reps each!
Q. What are some easy workouts you can do in your room?
A. Provided you have a TV, there are millions of great workout videos online for free you can access and do in your room at any time! Check out youtube.com and find a workout that works for you!  For high-intensity interval training search “plyometrics”.  For fun cardio search “Zumba”.  For abdominal crunching exercises search “pilates” and for balance improvement and a good stretch search “yoga”.  DVD’s are a good way to switch up your workout.  Check out P90X if you are looking for a long-term workout plan or Jillian Michaels for some ripped abs!
*You can always use soup cans or full water bottles if you don’t have weights!
Q. What are the best sneakers for bad knees, bad posture, and shin splints?
A.  Be careful that your sneakers are protecting your joints and you aren’t just wearing them because they match your outfit, although that’s not always a bad thing!
Bad Knees and Shin Splints?
Check these out: Asics Gel-1150 (Livestrong.com)
-This sneaker absorbs the impact of your foot hitting the ground with a soft, and gel cushioned soul.

Bad Back?
Shop “motion control” shoes.  They have the most protection to your foot with the thickest soul that will keep you happy and on your feet all day!
Narrow Feet?
Shop Nike, New Balance, and Brooks
Wide Feet?
Shop Asics, Mizuno, and Saucony
*For running shoes buy a ½ size up to allow your foot to expand throughout your run!

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