A Week Without Your Meal Plan

It’s Fall Break and we all know what that means, whether at home or traveling it’s time to use real money and start paying for our food again. 

I guess that I never realized how much I loved our meal plan until that day I grabbed coffee and a muffin from Starbucks before I ran to my 8:00 AM and then met up with my friends for some Chick-fil-a after classes, before finishing my night off with my recent obsession of getting sushi and fries from the Grille. At the end of the day I realized I had not spent a dollar on food, but you could have tricked my stomach into thinking different. A day of indulging in all of my favorites, there is not much more a girl can ask for in life. Except maybe to not have to swipe her credit card once, of course.

Our meal plan is certainly one thing we tend to take for granted here at High Point. It is easy to forget that while we get to have all of our favorites and then some each week, our friends at other schools may have to pay for their Starbucks or can’t use these amazing things called Magic Meals. I, for one, have learned to love my meal plan while I’ve been at High Point, from those 7 glorious magic meals a week, to the $150 a semester of Monopoly money that I can also spend as needed (which usually means on sick tea from Starbucks), there is not much more I could ask for. Maybe a Chipotle on campus, but for now High Point, I guess you’ve got this basic girl covered pretty well.