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How to Prepare for a Little

Another year bites the dust, y’all! And you know the first thing that’s on a sorority girl’s mind? RECRUITMENT! And shortly after that thought, comes the terrifyingly-exciting experience of picking your little, or as we call them in Alpha Gamma Delta, your kid. Being a sister-mom sure isn’t easy, so I’ve prepared some tips on how to prepare to be the best Big or Mom a little could ask for.


1. Find a girl who you connect with.

This is the first rule for a reason. How can you dance on tables til dawn and binge watch Gossip Girl together if it was love-at-first-bid day? Sororities are about sisterhood, but being a big/sister-mom is so much more than sisterhood; now, you’re family.


2. Get acquainted with your crafting.

One of the most exciting things as a kid/little is expecting crafts from your big/mom. Needless to say, you shouldn’t disappoint them. If you are declined in the arts, and your Vineyard Vines whale is not up to par, don’t be afraid to ask your sisters for help! What matters is that your little is showered with awesome crafts that they can flaunt to all of their friends. And if your crafts are ugly, eh, at least you tried.

3. Know your family traditions.

Does your family pass down a certain type of letter shirt? Do you make matching paddles for big-little reveal? Are there certain ideals that are super important to your family? Make sure that you keep these in mind, so that you can instill these into your new family member! Making them feel comfortable and like a part of the family is one of the most crucial things that you can do. Keeping your family line a thing of royalty will make the peasants swoon.


4. Be an open book.

Your little one will, naturally, have so many questions about their new home. It’s important that you answer with absolute honesty and sincerity. No question is a stupid question! This is a judgement free zone (even if you do use her ugly snapchats against her) If they need you, be there. If they want space, respect that. Being new in a sorority is overwhelming; cater to their needs!


5. Ready yourself for an experience of a lifetime.

This is your chance to be the woman that your little/kid will look up to. Be an example for them, set good standards for your sorority and for yourself, so that your little will follow.Be excited and inviting; this is also the chance to be a mother figure. Always be ready for the adventures that last all night, and the mornings that last all day. I can promise, your dynamic duo will look fabulous, obvs.

Mollie McKinley is currently a rising junior at High Point University in High Point, North Carolina, where she studies English Literature with a double minor in communications and women and gender studies. Mollie is a proud sister of Alpha Gamma Delta, a High Point University swimmer, and serves as a campus correspondent for High Point's chapter of Her Campus. She works as a Writing Tutor for HPU's Writing Center, and has a love for dogs, creative writing, poetry, netflix and music. Mollie's biggest aspiration is to work as a humor writer for Buzzfeed, or for any online media, really. Mollie is a strong supporter of gender equality and loving yourself, although it can be hard a majority of the time. Mollie is originially from West Virginia with an endless passion for the outdoors, and really awesome hikes.   
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