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Best Tips For Saving Money Over Spring Break

Spring break is on its way to college campuses everywhere. Maybe you have big plans to travel to somewhere warm, somewhere abroad, or maybe you’re just heading home to relax with your family and friends. Either way, you’re probably on a budget. Here are the best tips for having a great time over break, without your wallet having to suffer.

(Ft. Lauderdale, 1996 Spring Break!)

Road Trip

If you’re spring break destination is close enough to drive to it in a day or two, then skip out on flying. Airline tickets are expensive no matter where you’re flying. Car pool with your friends and make a road trip out of it! You can split gas money and rotate drivers when you need a nap. Make a fun playlist, roll down the windows, and enjoy the ride. If your destination is too far way to drive, then check out websites like Expedia to find the cheapest flights.

Cook Meals

Buying groceries and cooking at least one meal a day can save you a lot of money throughout the week. Eating out at restaurants every day can put a serious dent in your wallet, especially when you include tips for the servers. Split the price of groceries between you and your friends to make the cost a little cheaper and have fun making dinner together. If you’re heading to the beach for spring break, pack a cooler and make sandwiches and other easy-to-make meals for lunches.  

Do Free Activities

Not everything that’s amusing has to cost money. There are plenty of free things to do and see in every city. Check out museums or art galleries, ride a bike around town, or throw a Frisbee around on the beach. If you want to do an activity that does cost money, make sure to ask if student discounts are available.

Check out Flight and Hotel Deals

Maybe your spring break destination is across the country, or even across the sea. In this case, you probably are in need of both a flight and a hotel. Many websites and airlines offer deals on hotels when you book a flight. Make sure to do your research to find the best prices. If you’re going out of the country for break, check out websites for deals on hostels that also have ratings by past visitors. Remember, your lodging place doesn’t need to be fancy. You’ll only be spending a short amount of time in it for sleeping and showering.

Spend Money on Experience

If it’s one thing world travelers will tell you, it’s that the best things money can be spent on are experiences, not material objects. Instead of going on a shopping spree for new clothes, or spending all your money on souvenirs, spend money on once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Go bungee jumping, buy tickets to a concert, or do something that’s on your bucket list. These will be better than any souvenirs or physical objects.

No matter where you go for spring break this year, try to budget your money well and spend your days relaxing. Also don’t be afraid to splurge on some things. As long as you save your money well, then you can also spend it well. 


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