10 Things to Thank Your (Biological) Sisters For

Something that people never think about is that you and your sisters never formally introduced yourselves to each other. They kind of just appeared one day. All of a sudden, they took over the eyes and hearts of everyone that used to pay attention to you. The only way for you to get back in their spotlight was to befriend them, which was quite easy. It’s almost like a forced friendship, but eventually it’s a choice you make. Now, you’re my favorite people in the world. Thus, there are some "thank you's" in order.


1. Thank you for letting me borrow your clothes. Nothing’s more annoying than digging through your rooms for something to wear and finding my own clothes in the back of a drawer--it’s only okay if I take them.  Although, nothing’s more fun than dressing you in an outfit when you have no idea what to wear. The best part about being different people is having different tastes and styles, so there will always be something for every occasion in the house.  

2. Thank you for being my biggest cheerleader.  I think sometimes you got more excited about my sports, my friends, my prom date, prom itself, graduation, and sending me off to college than I did. Your excitement made me even more excited, and I liked seeing that smile on your face.

3. Thank you for asking questions.  I’m never the one to start talking to someone about something random, but it’s rare that I don’t want to talk about it. I’m usually itching to let out some secrets, and even though I might act annoyed and give you a hard time about asking, I love telling you stories. Afterwards, I love feeling like I can trust you. You’re my diary when there’s just too much to write.

4. Thank you for making me laugh uncontrollably.  You were always the funny ones during dinner that would make our stomachs hurt before we finished eating.  You have a way of telling stories that would just sound crazy.  Sometimes we worry about you.

5. Thank you for being on my side. We all know when one of the parents is crazy, wrong, or unnecessarily angry, your support for me sometimes works out for the best. There’s also the people we hate simply because you or I told the other to. I’ll always be there for you, and I love the feeling of knowing you’ll be there for me too.

6. Thank you for getting through those embarrassing parent moments.  Teaching Mom to ‘whip’ and having Dad know all of the words to Adele’s Hello was a bit alarming, but at least our friends think they’re kind of cool. 

7. Thank you for being my personal GPS. You riding shot gun can sometimes be an adventure and a half. We’ve survived an encounter with Bambi and always make sure I successfully make it into the parking spot.  When it comes to directions, we might need to make some changes. But the “Wait, I meant your other left,” or, “make a that way,” lines are more funny than annoying.

8. Thank you for sharing experiences with me. You're the one who's always there when we had to make our way through those family trips, the days when we were stuck inside, or being there when something great happened. Whether it was something good or bad, you were always next to me. 

9. Thank you for missing me. When you take over the family skype call or send the text messages about what’s going on at home, it makes me want to get home faster. And those back-breaking hugs when we see each other again let me believe that we do in fact love each other.

10. Thank you for being my best friend.  You were the only friend who has been consistent. You always tell me I need to make more friends or go out more but sometimes I just like being with you. You’ll be the one that’s here the longest, my forever friend.