Winter Is Coming - So Brace Yourselves with These Tips!

“Winter Is Coming!” 5 tips on how to survive the impending gloom

As the sun begins its steady descent further and further beyond the darkening skyline, a chill creeps across Scandinavia, the first sign that the time has come to bid adieu to the all too short summer months. If we’re lucky, we may still be graced with the occasional balmy day, but summer’s treachery is already evident as the leafy trees exchange their deep green summer fineries for the reds, oranges and browns of their autumn attire. While we mourn the end of what was yet another much needed summer in our northern corner of the world, let us not despair! The season of cozy night’s-in and indulging in endless mugs of hot chocolate is soon upon us!

With the holidays ending and most of us returning to the full swing of our day-to-day lives, we may soon find ourselves submerged under an avalanche of deadlines; walking through life in a brain- numbing, gut-churning, ball-shrinking haze of stress and anxiety. Most of us will even fail to notice the days shortening and the air tightening in our chests until the first snowflakes begin to trickle from the heavens, wreaking havoc on our public transportation system (and our collective will to live!). Therefore, if you find yourself in a mental funk or are merely in need of some comfort, here are five tips that will help you to prepare and adjust to life on the dark side.

  1. Chocolate & Wine Although this is not, I repeat, NOT, an endorsement for general gluttony and casual alcoholism, chocolate and wine have been a long time favourite amongst women during their lycanthropic time of the month. Not so surprisingly, the same can be used to assuage seasonal stress, anxiousness, moodiness and overall gloominess. And although dark chocolate and red wine are what doctor’s initially recommend, if you’d rather gorge yourself on Reese’s Pieces and Pinot Grigio (or just me?), knock yourself out! No judgment, this is a safe space. 

  2. “Winter-Suit up!” (Mainly for Women) That’s right! It’s time to pack away those summer threads and insulate yourself against the biting, bitter coldness that’s about to do a “Here’s Johnny!” on all of us. Nothing will get you down quite like freezing your nuggets off standing in “stilettos-and-no-hose”, at a bus stop at six o’clock on a “minus silly-degrees” Monday morning. Believe it or not, you can simultaneously dress to impress and keep warm and toasty.  So don’t be a shero, wrap up!

  3. Exercise. Period. Yes, I know. Not always the most popular choice. But it must be said anyway that exercise, in any shape or form, no matter how unpleasant it may sometimes feel, is one of the best ways to boost your energy levels (apart from lethal amounts of Red still just me?). With endorphins pumping through your circulatory system, it’s a guaranteed mood elevator that also reduces stress and improves focus, thus improving your motivation to deal. With life. In general. So do yourself a favour and grab your running shoes, gym bag or just a ball and your dog and go outside and play. It makes a difference.

  4. Socialize Nothing boosts morale quite like being able to “bitch-and-moan” to your mates about the changing weather, your hectic schedule, the pimple on your forehead that just keeps coming back no matter how many times you pop it... Solidarity. We are all participants in this rat-race called life and need to feel like others understand our daily suffering.

  5. “Netflix & Chill” Because #priorities. Apart from the obvious euphemism (also recommended!), occasionally you need to put down the gym bag, close your laptop and send the kids to bed early. Because honestly, sometimes the only thing that helps is wrapping yourself up in a fluffy blanket and becoming one with your couch. This may also include choking down an entire tub of Ben & Jerry’s, sprinkled with Doritos, and watching a sappy movie whilst ugly-crying into the sleeve of your favourite “please-don’t-let-my-boyfriend-see-me-in-these” pj’s. For full effect, please incorporate tip 1 into this scenario. Enough said.

If you try all of these and still find yourself on the business end of a pre-winter depression, perhaps consider migrating south, the north is clearly not for you. I hear Guatemala is lovely this time of year. Happy fall!