What Not to Do When Combining Part-Time Work with Studying

Balancing a part-time job and studies can be tricky sometimes. Here are four mistakes I have made and hope you don't have to.

1. Say yes to every extra shift at work.

As tempting as it is to earn some extra money as a poor student, make sure you have enough time for your studies, too. 

2. Leave all your school work to the last minute.

Unwise (yet oh so typical) in every situation, but even more so when you also have your job to worry about. 


3. Think about school stuff at work, and vice versa.


You may feel like this is multitasking at its best, but from my experience, you'll just end up not doing anything well. 

4. Forget the importance of spare time.

Devoting every day of your week to either work or school stuff can make you feel like a super efficient human being, but in the long run, it is likely to make you tired and sad. So, make sure you also have enough days with no responsibilities whatsoever - it's good for you. 

How are you balancing work and studies?

Photo: Death to the Stock Photo