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What is Dear Publishers (and How You Can Support the Movement)

Dear Publishers is a movement against the racist practises of publishers. Started by the bookstagrammer (if you're unfamiliar with the word, "bookstagram" refers to the book community of Instagram) and "Black racial justice educator highlighting intersectional books" (as stated in her bio) @literaryintersections, the movement "demand[s] publishers to address their racist policies and practices" (as stated on their website).

The movement is sorely needed as racist practices are a very prevalent issue, even in 2021. On their website, Dear Publishers relates the importance and the background of the movement followingly:

"On April 15, 2021, Post Hill Press, an independent publisher and distribution client of Simon & Schuster, announced a book deal with Jonathan Mattingly, one of the cops who murdered Breonna Taylor. These demands are in response not only to Simon & Schuster’s contract with Post Hill Press, but also to Simon & Schuster’s failure to truly recognize and address their involvement. Although Simon & Schuster has since distanced themselves from the distribution, their initial and ongoing involvement reflects the deep-seated issues of racism and oppressive practices within many publishing houses. For this reason, it is necessary to hold publishing houses accountable to change."

You may wonder what you can do to help. Here are some steps to take:

1. Visit the @dearpublishers website. Consider signing their petition, emailing Simon&Schuster and and signing the Solidarity with S&S petition. Start with signing their petition. They also have other resources you can share, and the website lists ways in which you can contribute and raise awareness. Every name signed and post shared counts. Read their Join the Movement page.

2. Follow @dearpublishers on Instagram. Actively share their posts and knowledge about the movement.

It's 2021. We need to end racist practices in the publishing industry.


An English major, Campus Correspondent, feminist and aspiring literary scholar.
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