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Waxing At Home 101: The Easiest and Most Effective Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Growth

Do you suffer from unwanted hair growth on legs, face, armpits, and bikini area? Worry not, I got you covered!

Don't get me wrong! Not waxing or shaving is fine! In fact, no one is forcing you to remove any trace of hair from your body. The choice is purely yours. However, for many women, summer and short shorts and mini skirts are synonymous with the jumble of unwanted hair growth. That's why I decided to reveal my go-to products for at-home hair removal, which can be done almost painlessly and with professional results. All you need is Veet and the right attitude.


Waxing at home: the most effective and painless ways

Chapter 1 -and most important- : Feet

Who says you can't do professional hair removal at home? All you need are Veet Easy-Gelwax wax strips for body and feet. They give a flawless result that lasts for up to 28 days (everything you need before the summer holidays!). The composition of butter aroma, known for its moisturizing properties and flavored with Akai berries, offers exceptional skincare while its pleasant scent makes you feel like you are in a spa!  These strips are extremely easy to use and available in a special composition of almond oil and vitamin E, which cares for and soothes the skin.

Chapter 2:  Face

To get rid of unwanted hair growth on the upper lip, cheeks, and chin, I suggest you try the Easy-Gelwax wax strips for face. You will get lasting results and achieve deep hydration. Face strips are designed to allow precise application to small and sensitive areas.

Chapter 3: Armpits/bikini

The Easy-Gelwax wax strips are also available in a special version for armpits and bikini area, of course giving excellent results that last for up to 28 days while at the same time treating the skin.


Bonus Tips:

For those who cannot stand even the slightest amount of pain

If you are one of those women, then try out Veet depilatory creams for normal and sensitive skin, and trust me, you will love waxing! Thanks to Silky Fresh technology with new and improved composition containing 35 percent fewer chemical ingredients and enhanced fragrance, Veet depilatory creams guarantee a longer-lasting result and deep hydration that lasts for up to 24 hours, giving you really smooth and silky skin.


For those who want to try something new

Are you an expert at waxing at home? Then why not try Veet Wax? This depilatory wax draws its inspiration from old hair removal recipes from the East and uses a sugar-based formula that gives high quality results for legs, face, and body, the effects lasting for up to 28 days. Additionally, the electric roll-on epilator, Veet® EasyWaxTM, gives equally professional results. It is an easy-to-use heated waxing system made of the same materials as the waxes used in beauty salons. It removes short arm and leg hair from the root, making your skin silky soft for up to 4 weeks.

Maria Printezi

Helsinki '24

I am a student of English Philology and Linguistics at the University of Helsinki.
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