Vegan Fast Food in Helsinki to the Test: Burgers

As a vegan, sometimes it’s hard to agree on a food place whenever there is a larger group of people with different dietary preferences. You don’t want to force everyone to go to a 100% raw vegan café (although that would be nice), but you would also rather eat something other than salad. Or perhaps you’re just in the mood for a vegan burger and don’t know where to go!

Luckily, Helsinki is a great city to eat out for vegans, no matter what kind of group you are eating with or the type of cuisine you prefer. For now, here are our tried and tested picks for vegan burgers in popular chain restaurants:


The patties are made of Oumph, which is bean-based protein, and coated in deliciously spicy BBQ sauce. It’s really good but, at 16,90€, kind of expensive, which is a minus when on a student budget. They usually participate in campaigns such as Syö Viikot --where portions are 10€-- so it’s not hard to find it for cheaper if you know when to go!

Our rating: 4/5 - delicious, but expensive

Friends & Brgrs

Everything is made by them--even the burger buns are baked in-house! The star of this burger is the vegan aioli, which is one of the best we have been able to find. Portions, while filling, are a bit small. However, at 8€, the price-quality relation is not bad at all!

Our rating: 4.5/5 - a bit bigger portion would've been perfect


Maybe not haute cuisine, the McVegan deserves an honorable mention as it is only available in Finland and Sweden. It’s definitely budget price (a burger is only 3€), and really good food after a night out. The traditional burger bun can also be swapped for rye bread, too, if you’re feeling traditional.

Our rating: 3/5 - it's good and it does the job!


We’re still looking for the perfect 5/5, though. Know of any vegan burgers possessing the magical combination of cheap & good? Get in touch on Facebook or Twitter so we can review it!