Three Reasons to Give the Finger to New Year New Me

It’s the beginning of a new year. As usual, magazines are just about bursting with articles urging you to lose weight, start a new fitness-plan, become more goal-oriented and to be the best version of you. While these articles might be inspirational to some, others might find them equally exhausting. What these articles do is highlight our feeling of not being enough. And while self-development can certainly be a source of energy, happiness and positive change, sometimes saying no to constant goal-setting can be revolutionary. What if instead of focusing on becoming the best you can be, you would devote the beginning of this year to the things that make you genuinely happy now? Below are three reasons why giving the finger to all the new year, new me -craziness might be a good idea this year.

1. Life should't only be about achievements

Raise your hand if you feel like your life has become a sort of marathon from one goal to another (you can’t see it but I’m waving both my hands frantically here). Passed that exam? Good, now it’s time to look for that job. Now that the applications have been sent, you can start going to the gym, say, five times a week. Already got that fitness-routine? What about going gluten-free for a month? Starting a new project? Taking that extra course so you can get ahead of your studies? If this seems familiar to you, it might be beneficial to take some time to think hard whether these goals make you genuinely happy. If they do, that’s great. And if not, it’s actually OK to take a day off from time to time and do something that does not bring you closer to your goals in any way. Eat some chocolate and watch Netflix or re-read your favourite book. BOOM. The world doesn’t end if you give yourself permission to say no.

2. "I’ll do that thing, when…" gets toxic real fast

I weigh 5 kg less. When I have more free time. When I’ve reached all these goals. This kind of thinking can become really problematic if you keep postponing things that you actually want to do because of your goals. Remember, your life doesn’t start when you reach your goals. Your life is happening right now so even if you’re really busy, try to find some time to the things that make you happy. It won’t set you back. You have permission to just hang out with friends or make some pasta or whatever it is that you want to do. It can’t be bad as long as it’s not harmful to you or anyone else. Just cut yourself some slack.

3. You are enough

It’s simple and cheesy and yet… completely true. Look, I know you’re not perfect. No one is. But the thing is, you won’t ever be, no matter how hard you work. The good news is, you don’t have to be. Your self-worth is not measured by the tasks you complete or the grades you get or how much money you earn or the number on that scale. You are good and you deserve good things. Now go do something fun and think about those goals later.