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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Helsinki chapter.

During this busy period of the year, with all exams and deadlines, we still need some time to clear our heads and relax. What can cure our stress better than an evening spent laying on a couch and watching an old favorite children’s movie? To sum up this theme week, I listed three of the most classic movies from Pixar Animation Studios to make you feel like a child again.

Toy Story

Toy Story is probably Pixar Studio’s first entirely computer-animated feature film with Walt Disney Pictures. A group of living toys, who pretend to be lifeless around people, are preparing to move into a new house with Andy Davis. Before moving, Andy is having a birthday party and receives a new gift, a toy named Buzz Lightyear. Buzz manages to impress the other toys and becomes Andy’s new favorite, leaving sheriff Woody (Andy’s old favorite toy) jealous. Through many challenges, the toys finally reach peace and agreement. This is a beautiful story about toys’ friendship and Andy’s path to adulthood.

Finding Nemo

Next Pixar’s classic is all about a father and son relationship that takes place deep underwater. Marlin is a clownfish, who lost his wife Coral and almost all of their eggs in a barracuda attack. Only one egg remains, Nemo. Marlin becomes an overprotective father to his son Nemo. During the first day of school, overprotectiveness of Marlin embarrasses Nemo, and the two end up arguing. In the heat of the moment, Nemo approaches a speedboat, where he gets caught and is taken away by scuba divers. The father rushes to Nemo’s aid. During this journey, Marlin also meets a blue tang called Dory with memory loss, who will help him to find Nemo. No worries. Even though the beginning is tragic and almost the whole movie is tense, the end is happy. Nemo will return home safely with his father.

Monsters, Inc.

Last but by no means least: Monsters, Inc. It was released almost 20 years ago and turned out to be a huge success. At the incorporated factory, in the city of Monstropolis, skilled monsters are hired to scare children and harvest their screams through portals to children’s bedroom closets. However, children are believed to be toxic. Once after work, the best scarer Sulley accidentally leaves the door open. As a result, a small curious toddler girl sneaks into the factory, and then into Monstropolis. The heart-warming comedy movie about Sulley’s and his assistant Mike’s adventure to return the toddler girl home is definitely worth rewatching.

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