Thoughts on Escapism

Lately, I have been particularly immersed in escapist pastimes. Although I have always been an avid day-dreamer compelled by different forms of art, my eagerness to engage in alternative realities has substantially grown in recent times. In contrast to diligent study with its countless demands, in fact, I have actively sought comfort in more impersonal themes. My creative interests have traditionally included music, literature and movies, however, these days I concern myself more with YouTube and certain podcasts. This is not out of the ordinary as such, but I have lately taken this hobby to another level. Indeed, I have the impression of living in two realities, for while struggling with my thesis, I yearn for more or less healthy counterbalance. Binge-watching videos provides blissful oblivion, an escape from mundane student life filled with sometimes unnerving expectations. My academic ambitions thus meet the joys of imagination on a regular basis.

Interestingly, I’m currently not overly drawn to fiction but timely topics within global politics. Following the news is undoubtedly recommendable for anyone, however, these daily routines bring me more comfort than ever before, easing my anxiety as a more or less exhausted individual.

Although the current discussions and faraway troubles do not directly concern me, I feel strongly about the latest turns in politics and beyond. Indeed, worldwide news coverage seems to evoke a sense of belonging in me, as if I was part of a community despite my obvious detachment from it. Although I am not directly involved, I am not dispassionate either. In fact, I keep asking myself why these recent developments captivate me to this degree and thereby alleviate my petty problems. I also acknowledge that my perceptions of the unfolding events are influenced by my sometimes-stereotypical images of other cultures.

Grappling with a thesis has proved to be a comprehensive and solitary endeavor, which partly explains my heightened fascination with anything escapist. This soothing pastime certainly serves a more personal role than mere engagement in world affairs. I indeed crave for intentional distractions, which remind me of the triviality of most of my worries. Indulging in alternative worlds in one form or another is often a gratifying experience, if not the most productive in everyday life.