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Protein Powder It Up: Easy Ways to Add More Protein to Your Everyday Diet

Here are two protein powder hacks turned nito super quick and easy recipes!


The Protein Porridge

Turn your morning oats into protein-packed porridge with this simple recipe:

- oats

- oatmilk (or milk of choice)

- 1 scoop of protein powder (swirl in after preparing oats in your usual manner)

- 1 tsp of nut butter of choice (swirl in after preparing oats in your usual manner)

- fresh (or frozen) berries

- pecans (as a topping)

Just prepare your morning porridge in your usual way an add the extra bits for protein and flavour!


The Strong Smoothie

- 1 banana

- 1-1,5 scoops of protein powder

- 1 dl of berries or fruit of choice

- coconut water, plant milk or water

Just blend properly and enjoy!



Helsinki Contributor
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