The Most Cheerful Eurovision Playlist to Save You from the Blues

Yes, there shall be no Eurovision Song Contest this year, and while it may be a bummer for some people, for the true fans of the contest it may be downright depressing. Luckily, there shall be ESC themed replacement programs during May (read more on and, and we still have the songs we can listen to. Yet still, it’s not exactly the same, is it? There is no other choice than to wait for the next year to feel that real Eurovision euphoria again. However, listening to cheerful music and feeling nostalgic may help one feel better here and now.

This is why I put together a short playlist of some of the most uplifting songs and performances of the gone-by decades of this well-loved competition. Listen/watch this list and try not to be cheerful, I dare you!

  1. 1. Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson: Sing, Little Birdie

    The United Kingdom 1959, 2nd place

    ESC was always a bit weird, and here’s a proof. This 50’s sweet dream (or a nightmare, maybe?) cannot fail to make you smile or at least think about that last time you had a bit too much coffee. UK was always the standard-bearer for light-hearted and easy-to-listen pop in the contest.

  2. 2. Conchita Bautista: Qué bueno, qué bueno

    Spain 1965, shared last place

    Some of the most cheerful songs of Eurovision history come from Spain, and the high-spirited dancing and flamenco rhythms make them even better! This highlight of the 1965 was not appreciated by the judges, but that makes it no less a classic.

  3. 3. Wenche Myhre: Ein Hoch der Liebe

    West Germany 1968, 6th place

    Well, toast to love because it keeps our world so young. Norwegian singer Wenche Myhre manages to become the embodiment of cheerfulness and positivity in her performance for West Germany!

  4. 4. Sandra & Andres: Als het om de liefde gaat

    The Netherlands 1972, 4th place

    While one could claim that it’s a somewhat typical love song, what makes the song special is the bouncy performance by Sandra & Andres, who definitely take the stage. The lyrics include some Dutch words of wisdom: Just act normal, that’s crazy enough.

  5. 5. Marion Rung: Tom tom tom

    Finland 1973, 6th place

    Performed in English in Luxembourg, this song always and forever shall remind me of spring and the First of May. Just listen to the lyrics and you will notice that there is no trace of Finnish melancholy here. Pity that my favourite line of the song is not featured in the English translation: Because the sun shines for everyone, it belongs to each of us.

  6. 6. Sandra Kim: J’aime la vie

    Belgium 1986, winner

    I’m fifteen and I tell you, I love life. Even though Sandra Kim was more like thirteen when she won the contest, you seldom hear such frank confession of love. One of the most cheerful winning songs ever, J’aime la vie teaches that despite all the setbacks, life is there to be loved.

  7. 7. Birthe Kjær: Vi maler byen rød

    Denmark 1989, 3rd place

    Another country that has always sent songs to turn the corners of your mouth upwards, is Denmark. There are a lot of songs to choose from, but everything about Birthe Kjær’s performance is so cheerful yet feels so honest, that I had to go with this ode to colours and nighttime city.

  8. 8. Tajči: Hajde da ludujemo

    Yugoslavia 1990, 7th place

    She looks like a small Marilyn and plays around on the stage having so much fun, that it’s impossible not to try and sing along, even if Serbo-Croatian isn’t my forte. The lyrics tell the cheerful and comforting story that you don’t have to be rich or extremely beautiful to rock someone’s world.

  9. 9. Arvingarna: Eloise

    Sweden 1993, 7th place

    The Swedes know how to make light-hearted and catchy earworms a bit too well, and Arvingarna manages to steal the show with this ballad for a girl named Eloise. I have a soft spot for these guys in their tacky 90’s jackets, so I had to include them in the list!

  10. 10. Brainstorm: My Star

    Latvia 2000, 3rd place

    One of the strongest debuts in the contest, Latvia send the popular band Brainstorm as their first ever representative. There is something enchanting in their performance, their ease and good mood is so contagious it’s crazy!

  11. 11. Verka Seduchka: Dancing Lasha Tumbai

    Ukraine 2007, 2nd place

    Well, no list is complete without good old Verka. A Eurovision dance classic already at its “young” age, Dancing Lasha Tumbai shall never quite disappear from our eyes and eardrums. Don't live to dance - dance to live.

  12. 12. Pollapönk: No Prejudice

    Iceland 2014, 15th place

    Yes, I am biased to put one of my biggest favorites from the recent years on the list, but if the points had been given according to smiles the song induced, Pollapönk might have won the whole contest. At least if it had been up to me. Can we just cross prejudice out of our list already?

  13. 13. Amir: J’ai cherché

    France 2016, 6th place

    Just one look at Amir and you start smiling, I swear. The song is a love song, but it is also about finally finding what you were looking for, about finally having courage and will to be yourself.

  14. 14. DoReDos: My Lucky Day

    Moldova 2018, 10th place

    Another country that deserves a mention is Moldova. The awe-inspiringly cheery song and choreography prove that you don’t always need splendor and explosions on the stage to create an unforgettable show. Sometimes you simply need imagination and sense of humor!

  15. 15. KEiiNO: Spirit in the Sky

    Norway 2019, 6th place

    6th overall, but first in the public televote, KEiiNO definitely managed to make home audiences all warm and happy inside. Even the music video reminds you that what is important is following the spirit inside you – no matter what some judges may say.

Obviously, these are only examples and there are lots and lots of good-mood songs out there to be discovered! Remember to Shine a light!