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Lights of the City: Lux Helsinki 2016

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Helsinki chapter.

Early January in Helsinki was a dark and cold time (the coldest of the year), but for five days it was lit up by beautiful installations, which were part of the Lux Helsinki festival (Jan 6-10). The almost magical artworks in the heart of Helsinki came in many forms, outshining the Christmas lights with their vibrant colours. 

Some installations were composed of lights projected towards buildings of the city, including the Helsinki Cathedral and Ateneum art museum. Here, a fire pattern on Annantalo Arts Centre is, ominously enough, titled The World In Which We Live (by Immanuel Pax).

The Old Church Park saw some colourful changes in the form of radiant trees and lanterns made by several artists, including students from Aalto University of Applied Sciences and the University of Arts.

On one street, the pedestrians were delighted by a low hanging cloud. It turned out that CLOUD (by Lauri Rotko) was an inventive usage of lightbulbs; darkness is truly the best place to enjoy light.

Ylva Biri

Helsinki '18

Ylva is a PhD student at the University of Helsinki researching the linguistics of social media discourse. When not studying, procrastinating and overthinking, she enjoys shonen anime and trying out new foods.
Helsinki Contributor