How to Survive a Party when You Have to Go Alone

It is that time of the year; countless weddings, graduation parties, summer festivities and other relative gatherings to which you might get invited. At times there is a change that you don’t have a plus one to take with you and perhaps don’t know anyone or have but a few familiar faces at the party. But do not worry! With the right preparation and open attitude you can survive, or more, thrive at any party you are invited to. 

Arrive with the right mindset. Okay, there will be a lot of new people - which means chances to encounter and discuss with them. Try to see it as a great opportunity for learning and listening. Here is your chance to make strangers your friends and relatives closer to you. After all, a shared experience can help people to get closer to each other. Wear party clothes that make you feel amazing. By wearing something that you really like and feel comfortable in, you help yourself to concentrate on the party and your attention is not stuck in the insecurities you might have about your outfit. So wear the heels if they make you feel like a queen and don’t if they just make you cry in pain. 

And yes - there will be times when an akward silence happens. You start to feel the sweat forming in your armpits and desperately try to think topics to talk about. For times like this preparation is the key! Prepare to talk about yourself and your life in general. Some simple and safe topics are for instance your studies, recent travels and experiences you want to share. Also great way to have a discussion is to simply ask questions from the companion. Talking about ourselves is easy, and most people like to answer these questions. By asking questions you might learn something new about the person or about life in general. Especially older people can tell you about a world that is very different from where we live now. 

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Another great conversation topic is an unsolved problem. The complex problem can be about your relationship, car or anything under the sun as long as you are eager to share it. It is surprising how people are ready to help you and share their tips on how to solve the problem. Usually we are looking at it too close or other ways narrow that we can’t find the right solution. At a party where you can probably meet a variety of people with their own unique life experiences, it can be truly inspiring and helpful to open up about your problem that you need some guidance with.  

And who to have conversation with if you don’t know anyone? Look for friendly faces and people that might be nice to talk with. You can start by asking something about the party or where something is located, like a toilet, or think out loud how divine the cake tastes. From there you can deepen the conversation to weather, recent news or go straight to something that you would like to know about the person. A classic way to get to know people at a party is to go talk to another person who has come to the party alone. Win-win for both of you! 

The most important thing when you go to the party is to have fun. Don’t stress too much and go with the flow. Being yourself is the most attractive thing you can do. It is a very scary and vulnerable thing to do to go alone and try to speak with new people. For most of the time people are just pleased and glad that someone is the brave one and starts the conversation. Always be proud of yourself for trying! Go you and have a great party!