Get Those Spring Vibes into Your Life!

 It is beginning to feel like spring. The sun has find its way to the sky to shine again and nights are getting shorter. The spots without snow and ice are getting more frequent. We are so ready for spring. Get those spring vibes into your life!



1. See and feel the changing season 

You can smell the nature in the air more than before. Just by walking to your bus stop, you can feel the air is different. The cold air no longer hurts your cheeks nor makes breathing difficult. It is finally tempting to go outside! 


via GIPH

2. New life, new me

Spring is a great season and time to change your style. Get a brand new hair cut or change the color. Dress up nicely without no particular reason. Enjoy the new vibes that the sun and the nature waking up are giving to you. 


3. Be open to fall in love 


This is the perfect time to fall in love. Be present in every situation because you might see people in different light. What is more romantic than blooming in love life together with flowers? If finding the significant other is not on your to-do list then focus solely and whole-heartedly on loving yourself. Eighter way: YOU GO GIRL! 




4. Long live spring spirit 

Nevertheless, spring does never come without the few times the winter is suddenly back with heavy snow and freezing temparatures. But we won’t give up our spirit!