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Eurovision 2021 – Which Song You Should Listen to According to Your Zodiac Sign

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Helsinki chapter.

First and foremost, May means the The Eurovision Song Contest, and this time nothing can stop it. All the songs are published and can be streamed on the official YouTube channel of the contest, and now everything that’s left for us to do before the contest is to choose our favourites and speculate about the winner!

This year, the contest will be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on May 18, 20 and 22. Finland will be represented by rock group Blind Channel. This means it’s also time for the self-proclaimed Eurovision nerd to write her annual article on the topic. As we surely need some sunshine and playfulness in our lives right now, I decided to take a slightly different approach on the songs – namely, which song would fit you according to your Zodiac sign! If you don’t know where to start listening or who to root for, here’s a fun idea!


Albania: Anxhela Peristeri – Karma

We are going to start with a slightly different choice than perhaps expected. Anxhela Peristeri from Albania brings us a powerful and intense number with some traditional Balkan elements. In the music video she sports a flaming red gown and belts it out with all the passion of a person in crisis. The lyrics are a confession from someone who lead a somewhat selfish life, spoiled by others around her, and now realizes her mistakes as she finds herself alone and sad. This is an essentially Aries-type karma, which probably resonates with the sign, especially when delivered in such an assertive way. More typical choice for Aries – fast, furious and with just the right dose of romance, could be San Marino’s Adrenalina.


Moldova: Natalia Gordienko – Sugar

Usually Taurus avoids risks, but underneath their thick skin there lurks so much determination, desire and sensuality. Not to mention, well, the infectious lust for all good and pleasurable things in life, including sugar. As Taureans have been patiently looking forward to good times with their friends and loved ones and being able to hum and dance to good old Eurovision bop, Moldova’s fun, playfully seductive and sweet dance number is a go-to-choice for them. For a Taurean who is looking for something more “mature”, there is Slovenia’s Amen – a song about determination and endurance.


Serbia: Hurricane – LOCO LOCO

There are many different sides to Gemini, but most of them love a great party anthem. Something that promises them good time and is fast paced, so that they can spend their excess energy dancing or singing to it. Gemini is also clever in speech and skillful at building up people, so why not choose a song about flirting? The Gemini know how to socialize even during quarantine, but they must also be among those who miss the grand Eurovision party the most. As avid fans of languages, they might also be interested in Ukrainian rave number SHUM, which welcomes the Spring after a long gloomy winter.


Spain: Blas Canto – Voy a quedarme

Heartfelt ballad about not letting go of someone no matter what comes might struck that cord in the emotional heart of a Cancer. There is touching story behind the lyrics – of having to say goodbye to family members – which a Cancer might appreciate if it doesn’t come too close and make them feel overly vulnerable. The consoling feeling and sentimentality of the Spanish language appeal to a Cancer, who might also find solace and reassurance in the beautiful neo-nostalgia of Bulgaria’s Growing up is Getting Old.


The Netherlands: Jeangu Macrooy – Birth of a New Age

The host country sends a song about appreciating your roots and finding your natural strength in them. Partially inspired by the BLM-movement, Jeangu Macrooy wrote the lyrics with his Surinamese descent in mind. However, the song also has a universal message in it: standing up for yourself, no matter if people underestimate you. The lyrics include lots of fitting proverbs, such as crowns, roaring and of course, being “proud like a lion”. Every Leo out there, no matter what color, should know that they are born in resilience and that their rhythm is rebellion! Or, if this song is not for you (which I doubt), try Malta or Latvia.


France: Barbara Pravi – Voilà

Definitely one of the most stylish and classy songs of the year comes from the country of l’amour. The lyrics are a perfect fit for a Virgo, who has hard time battling self-doubt and finally learning to love themselves as they are. This is a power song that is not too conceited, only the right amount of empowering. Virgos have the patience and eye for detail needed to appreciate all the subtlety of the French lyrics, which paint an interesting picture of a person on a journey towards self-acceptance. Another one to try is UK’s Embers. As a trustworthy and faithful sign, Virgo appreciates this upbeat ode to long-term relationships!


Czech Republic: Benny Cristo – omaga

Quite simply, Benny Cristo’s song is about missing human connections during isolation, something that must be difficult to the sociable Libra and even harder to those poor Libras who live alone. The song is a good-feel piece about meeting a special someone and having fun, and about the importance of love and relationship amidst chaos that ensues (the title, by the way, means “oh my god”). This is a song about wooing, insisting that you shouldn’t worry too much about other things, whenever there is love to be found. Another comfort song to a lonely Libra is Greece’s Last Dance, a song that insists that after every failed relationship, a new one will arrive.


Finland: Blind Channel – Dark Side

The members of Blind Channel, while discussing the topic of the song, stated that one can also have a party in the darkness. This must be an uplifting message for the Scorpio who doesn’t feel completely at home with the sunshine and butterflies but nevertheless wants to be accepted and most of all – be able to love themselves! It’s okay to feel like an outsider, like Niko Moilanen said.

Or if you’ve already heard Finland’s entry, check out Azerbaijan’s Mata Hari, since I simply must recommend this one to the tortured minds of Scorpios everywhere. Even though the famous Mata Hari, in fact, was a Leo, the lyrics to this rather interesting ditty are some traditional Scorpio material.


Ireland: Lesley Roy – Maps

Ireland’s song gives me fresh and optimistic Sagittarius vibes. Behind the lyrics is a story of trying to find one’s true self in different places and different people, and finally realizing that one must turn to one’s inner self. This feels like a genuine Sagittarian challenge. A Sagittarius can appreciate the honesty of the lyrics, as well as identify with the line My soul is a map/ my heart is a compass/ I am the road. Also, Denmark’s Øve Os På Hinanden with its theme of learning to do what you cannot and positively looking towards the future should resonate with this sign.


Belgium: Hooverphonic – The Wrong Place

Capricorn humour is wicked, and while they maybe seldom make mistakes in love affairs, Hooverphonic’s song describes what the mistake would probably look like in the end. Every Capricorn knows that a poorly contemplated choice ends in remorse. Don’t you ever dare to wear my Johnny Cash T-shirt!

Less sardonic and more heartwarming angle to Capricorn life could be enjoyed through the Icelandic song 10 Years by Daði og Gagnamagnið. The song is about a long relationship that just keeps on getting better as it ages like wine – and that’s what they say about a relationship with a patient and tenacious Capricorn.


Italy: Måneskin – Zitti e buoni

Ah, Aquarius, the one who is always difficult! There are many sides to Aquarius, but more often than not they are progressive and eccentric, not conforming to the norms yet feeling a strong connection and brotherhood with their associate group (or humanity in general!). Italy’s fast rock track is definitely something different: it’s a slightly psychedelic ode to uniqueness and the general attitude of I-don’t-care-what-you-think. There is a nostalgic glam style feeling of rebellion here, so it’s bound to please an Aquarius with a rocker’s heart. If rock music isn’t your thing, you can bop your head to Germany’s I Don’t Feel Hate and its ukulele.


Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears – Tout l’Univers

On emotional level, Pisces is connected with the whole universe. For this moony soul, the most important thing in music (and well, in everything) is the feeling. Gjon’s Tears from Switzerland sings about moving on from past hurts while still carrying them in the person you have become. In the end, the song is also a beautiful love story between two people, which suddenly expands to the whole universe – and any Pisces is a sucker for a romantic story like that! For compassionate Pisces, it is easy to be emphatic towards other people and their suffering, but it’s just as easy to lose oneself in the midst of all the mental storms. That’s why Romania’s Amnesia might also offer the much-needed reassurance.

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