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two containers of body scrub, one with a black lid and one that is open.
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DIY Time! Body Scrub With Chocolate – So Good, You Will Want to Eat It!

We all know that hydrating your skin is super important! But, hydration alone is not enough to have beautiful and soft skin! You also need exfoliation.

Let me tell you about me. One of the key parts of my beauty routine is the daily hydration of my face and body. I like using musky creams that smell good and make me feel beautiful and fresh.

One of the things I forget, neglect, or even get bored of doing is exfoliating. Most of the time, I neglect it and the truth is that afterwards I regret it. Exfoliation, however – as you need to know – is a basic beauty ritual so that you have healthy, glowing, and highly hydrated skin.

So, I decided to share my body scrub recipe with you!

The ingredients you will need to make your own body exfoliator are:

1 cup brown sugar

Half a cup of coconut oil

1/3 cup almond oil

2 tbsp. cocoa powder

A few drops of essential oil of your choice (optional)

1/3 cup almond oil

2 tbsp. cocoa powder

How to do it:

First, the coconut oil should be fluid, so if it is frozen, put it in the microwave for a few seconds.

Then mix all the ingredients in a bowl until the mixture is homogeneous and your scrub is ready to use.

Hit the shower, pour some water on your body, and take some scrub with your fingers. Start spreading it all over your body while massaging with circular and gentle movements.

Rinse and… you are ready with a lovely, highly hydrated skin!

Maria Printezi

Helsinki '24

I am a student of English Philology and Linguistics at the University of Helsinki.
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