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Budget Holiday in Espoo: The Camping Edition

I know we talk a lot about budget travel here and there’s nothing that screams more budget than a camping trip to the Espoo islands. A personal favorite is Gåsgrund which is a few hours away from Otaniemi with a ferry, but naturally there are many to choose from. The ferries move between the islands so you can take your pick on where you wish to stay. Perhaps you’ll choose the closest one or maybe you’ll want to venture further out to the sea.

The ferry gives a student discount which makes it a very cheap ride to a nice, remote getaway. The islands are also equipped with grill shelters and outhouses, which makes the stay easier.

Before a swim, you can warm up in a sauna, which is also free to be used by any of the visitors. You can chop wood and even get water for the sauna (remember, no salt water to the sauna!) from a well.

There’s nothing more fun than grabbing a bunch of friends and heading out to test your survival skills. How long do you think you’ll last without electricity?

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