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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Helsinki chapter.

Autumn – a lovely yet cold and tiring season. Some enjoy it incredibly, others might not so much. Changing seasons also bring changes in mental energy due to the altering environment with shorter, darker days and the falling foliage that makes the surroundings bare. Some people perhaps mind, others may not. Whether you do or not, we believe that both types of people enjoy the cozy autumn essentials that make the home comfortable and suitable for the season. Here are some of our suggestions for making a cozy space that will get you through the season – the current and the upcoming colder ones.


Not only are candles pretty pieces of decor, but they also create a relaxing and refreshing ambiance, particularly scented candles as they can fill an entire space with your favored fragrance. Whether you prefer scented ones or not, candles can also calm your mind with the soothing effect of their composed flames. A calm mind then means an improved mood and this means a good sleep.


And I really do mean flowers – not merely green plants. Flowers don’t only enhance the look of your living space but can have a significant effect on a person. As the beautiful ornaments of nature, their presence can improve your mood not only as pieces of nature brought close, but also as you’d think they’d improve one’s mood after receiving them as a gift. The beautiful intricacies of flowers can also calm your mind as well as inspire with their shapes and colors. And, many of us probably know by now that lavender, for example, is particularly one of the most beneficial, stress relieving plants there is (not to mention pretty). If you can, think of buying a fresh bouquet every week or every two weeks to try out their effect.


(Or bed throw.) This is a no brainer as the weather is getting colder. However, a good reminder still of an essential that is added on the bed not only as decoration. A blanket almost becomes a protective best friend that invites you to relax and for a moment, to just focus on what is in front of you – a book, TV-series, or movie—an important way to let go of your stresses. Blankets really are a lovely decoration as they improve the look of your bed or sofa, but they also provide an excellent way to keep warm, and not too warm, and to be comfortable. If you’re thinking of buying a new one (or three), this is a good excuse to go shopping.

Comfy home wear and sleepwear

When you try to build a comfortable space, you should also see if you have a comfortable wardrobe for being at home. Not only because why would you wear jeans at home (?!) but also because even slightly tight clothing might affect how you feel and concentrate while you are trying to relax and decompress. You don’t have to go shopping for whole outfits for everyday and pajama sets (although, who doesn’t love a cute pajama set), but think of soft, maybe even fluffy pieces of clothing that are looser than tight and that will keep you warm. If you also want to feel cute, go ahead girlfriend.

Good tea and coffee

These are a given, but this is to remind you to keep these properly stacked in your kitchen cupboards. And a word of advice: you can stick to what you’ve always liked or even loved – with food and beverages, favorites always win and bring that comfort which we get from familiar, delicious things. Also, good coffee and tea is a must during this cold and tiring season – they’re also a good offer to a friend who comes over. You can always try new things, of course, but don’t force it. As profound as this might sound in this context, this is a season when we should take it easy on ourselves, particularly as students who might also be working. So, don’t make yourself waste money on something you’re not sure you’ll like. (However, I can understand the urge to buy new mugs. Why not.)

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