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“Ai Weiwei @ Helsinki” Exhibition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Helsinki chapter.

At the moment, Helsinki Art Museum (HAM) is showcasing the works of the influential Chinese artist Ai Weiwei in an exhibition called “Ai Weiwei @ Helsinki”. The 27 pieces on display are installations, most of them of massive proportions, and they all have political and social backstories.

The “White House” in the background is one of the pieces that had its world premiere in this particular exhibition. The works, then, span from 1980s all the way to present day.

Ai Weiwei is renowned for his emphasis on freedom of speech and activism, which is evident in his work. As an example, the photographs below represent a series where the artist gives the finger to various political and cultural institutions of any given country.

The art is supported by photographic and video material discussing Ai Weiwei’s life, inspiration, and other work.

All photos © Laura Kurki


The exhibition is open until the end of February 2016. Tickets are 10 euros per person, 8 euros with a student card.

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