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7 Simple and Affordable Winter Date Ideas

Winter doesn’t have to put a damper on your dating life; there are several things you can do with your special someone even in the cold and snow. Here are some simple date ideas for the winter that fit perfectly into a student budget:

1. Ice skating: For example, at the rink in Rautatientori they always have music playing, and the area is beautiful and fun during the evening. There are many places in Helsinki for having some fun on skates!

2. Winter picnic: pack a thermos full of hot chocolate and go stargazing in the middle of glittering snow.

3. Trip to the Zoo: Korkeasaari is open also in the winter and, as such, a perfectly delightful wintery date location. Many of the animals thrive in cold conditions, and it’s guaranteed to be a different experience from the usual summer visit.

4. Enjoy culture indoors: do a visit to the museum, an art exhibition or the theatre. Most places offer a student discount so it won’t break your bank, and it’s something most of us don’t get to do on a regular basis.

5. Do it like the French: Host a wine and cheese party and have everyone bring different brands of delicacies, or have a romantic fondue night just for the two of you!

6. Let it snow: Easy affordable date idea would be playing in the snow – take advantage of the winter season and build a snowman or have a snowball fight!

7. Music night: Enjoy the swinging jazz tunes at the jazz club Storyville in the centre of Helsinki.

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