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7 Reasons to Fall in Love with Fall

Move away summer, fall is here and it’s the ultimate season! From bright-colored foliage to warm drinks, we compiled a list of things that you’ll miss about the fall for the remainder of the year.


Fall is the best season for seeing thousands of colors all around you. Summery green is nice, but why settle for that when you can simultaneously catch trees clad in yellow, orange, maroon and purple!

Crisp air

It’s not too cold yet, so you can go for walks in the parks and forests and admire the fallen leaves. In the fall, the sun also has a particular cool light that illuminates everything in a special way. No need for Instagram filters!

The atmosphere

Slowly darkening evenings might make you fistful for never-ending summer nights, but in the fall, you can light up candles and fairy lights again, drink red wine and eat chocolate under your blanket. Plus, when it’s dark outside, you don’t need to feel guilty about staying in and watching Netflix.

It’s easy to start out new things

Fall is the perfect time to pick up a new hobby. With the start of the new academic year comes the promise of new interesting classes both in and outside of lecture halls. If you’ve been wanting to start a language class, yoga or bouldering, odds are there is a course for that opening up. Fall, instead of spring, is actually the time for renewal. Getting back to your study routine after the summer is also an opportunity to reconsider your study habits and maybe create some new ones.

Fall clothes

Layers are awesome – you can wear as many as you want! While summer is nice, summer clothes can be a bit dull. Colder weather means having to put more on, meaning also that there is more room for personal touch.  

Comfort food and warm drinks

Do you find yourself craving spicy soups and chocolatey specialty coffees when the weather gets colder? Go for it.

Because it’s easier to imagine you’re a Gilmore Girl living in New England

It’s always fall in Stars Hollow, with millions of multicolored leaves lining the parks and sidewalks. While Helsinki can’t compete with northeastern United States when it comes to fall foliage, you can still get a cup of take-away coffee, roll a scarf around your neck and go for a walk in the botanical gardens. Or maybe even find yourself a study tree, just like Rory did!



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