5 Travel Tips for the Holidays

Whether you’re travelling home to your parents or going on an adventure abroad (or both!), being on the road during the holidays can be a hassle. Read on for some tips on how to make the trip less stressful!

1. Carry a water bottle.

Buying water from train stations or airports can be expensive and it’s also totally unnecessary. Just bring a bottle from home and you can fill it up as you go. Stay hydrated!

2. Portable phone charger = life saver.

There’s nothing worse than your phone dying when you need to check the map, or call your parents to come pick you up, or distract yourself from the boringness of sitting on a bus for hours and hours. Power sockets may not always be available so a travel charger is your best friend.

3. Put name tags on your bags.

This is a very basic tip, but having your bags clearly labelled with your name and phone number is a huge help if a lot of people have similar bags or if someone grabs your stuff instead of their own by accident. You can DIY a name tag in two minutes and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

4. Follow the train/bus/airline company on Twitter.

Look up the company you’re travelling with and give them a follow. Not only will you be among the first to know if there are delays or other problems, Twitter is also a fast way to contact the company if you need assistance.

5. Stay calm.

Wear your headphones, read a book, take a nap. Travelling during the holidays is stressful but the best thing you can do is just chill, take a sip of water and relax. You will get to your destination in the end, no matter how many snow storms and screaming children stand in your way.

Happy travels!