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5 Rituals to Look Forward to in the Fall

The season has changed. Summer has said goodbye to us and got out of the way for fall. To me, fall has always had a a bit of a mysterious vibe. Darkening nights and leafs falling from the trees change the athmosphere and landscape. Besides that, transitioning to fall means the beginning of a more structured, mundane routine, like studying and working. Still, the beginning of the fall season gives as many wonderful things to do and experience! Here are my favourite five rituals that I like to do during the fall season.


1.    Lighting candles 

Candles and the fall season are meant to be together. Now is the time to gather candles on the table and light them up. One of the best things on dark nights is to sit in candle light with friends, drinking tea while talking about our fall plans and goals. Setting a mysterious vibe, where it's not that important to see in order to connect with each other, discussions can be more open and vulnerable. Remember, that in the darkest places the light shines brightly. 


2.    Taking pictures of colorful trees

The inevitable sign of fall is when the leaves gradually change color. All the different colors of red, orange and yellow, make the trees really stand out from the landscape and give us a beautiful goodbye before they fall. Getting a picture of those marvelous trees, with or without your face, is a yearly must do and is definataly part of my fall rituals. 


3.    Study routine

After the summer holiday's uneven routine and leisure time, it is time for solid routines and taskdoing again. Make a schedule and build a routine that serves you and your study goals. Now is the time to use your knowledge and gain more of it. Take in all that your education system has to offer. Do not take this, among other things, for granted. But still try to remember to have fun and take care of yourself. 


4.    Starting a new hobby

In fall, many hobbies continue after the summer break. It is also a great chance to start a new one. The best thing is that it can be anything! Be spontanious and go for the painting course you always wanted to go for. A hobbie can also be something that you have been procastinating about. Now is your time! The beginning of any practise can be difficult, but it if you keep going, it can be very rewarding. Remember to enjoy the process, whether it is in arts, languages or physical exercise. New and fresh aspects introduced into everyday life make the days interesting. 


5.    Swimming in the natural waters

As the weather gets more cold so, too, does natural water temperatures. That makes swimming in fall and winter – to those who dare – so great! Swimming in the near icy waters of this time of year makes the practice even more rewarding than in thesummer time! The feeling after a quick swim in the lake, or sea, is priceless! You feel refreshed and awakened, making sitting in quarantine all the more bearable!


I am studying theology in the University of Helsinki. My interests vary from Asian culture to spirituality and self growth. I hope I can share the stories, people and new thoughts about the world and write enjoyable articles.
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