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The 5 Most Unusual Fashion Show Ideas of 2018

1. Drones or Models?

                                                                Photo: Guillaume Roujas

The time of full robotization is right around the corner. For the first time, Milan Fashion Week has witnessed drones parading along with real models. This year on February 25 Dolce&Gabbana brought in a pile of fashion drones to fly their bags down the runway. Before the show started attendees were asked to shut off their Wi-Fis and hotspots to keep the working process smooth, though technical difficulties with drones reportedly caused the show to be delayed by 45 minutes. The bags were semi-escorted by individuals wearing plain white lab coats resembling scientists. The drones’ runway lasted around three minutes, then human models returned to show off D&G clothes. Does this mean the human-model era is coming to an end? It remains to be seen.

2. “Models carried human heads, baby dragons, oh, and some handbags too.” -Lauren Alexis Fisher

                                                                Photos: Gio Staiano

Having a hard time finding a trendy bag? Gucci has the answer. This spring Alessandro Michele claims everything can serve as a bag from baby dragons and snakes to iguanas and human heads. It’s all about your true identity and possibility to be liberated from confinements of conditions we are born to. The runway was set up like an operating room of the hospital with an adjusted waiting room for fashion show guests reflecting the work of a designer – described on Instagram as “the act of cutting, splicing, reconstructing materials and fabrics to create a new personality and identity with them”. Fashion as a medium inspires people to construct their identities and transmits inner states. Inspired by Japanese, Middle Eastern and New York city culture, the overall 90 looks are bold, complex and thought-provoking.

3. The Parade of Clones

                                                                 Photos from Peepingmoon

Want to look like Jackie O? Bringing back the nostalgic ’60s, the Italian fashion house Moschino re-imagined Jackie Kennedy’s signature looks for 2018. Along with colorful, graceful and iconic tweed skirt suits, coats, black dresses with leather gloves and pillbox hats some of the models were spotted having head-to-toe body paint in bright neon yellow, blue and lime green aiming to alien-like looks. All the models walked down the runway looking exactly like Jackie Kennedy clones with elegant bouffant hairstyle showcasing the women’s style of the 1960s. The final 15 looks closed the show in sparkly, silky draping, bright gowns leaving female guests dying to get an iconic peace.

                                                                 Photo taken from Jeremy Scott Twitter page 

4.  Unicorn Hits the Runway  

 Who does not want to slip into a dreamy world full of mermaids and unicorns? Thom Browne gives you a chance.

                                                                Photos: Harper’s Bazaar Getty Images

The American fashion designer turned the Paris Fashion Week into an avant-garde fairytale-like world with models wearing misshapen body suits with bubble helmets, colorful and volumized garments, and a nightmarish black skeleton dress. At the start, the show guests were given wands and fairy dust while the closure was the most fantastic moment: a huge white lace Unicorn walked down the runway led by models in matching white lace looks. Isn’t it just a magical world?

5.  Into the Forest 

                                                                Photo: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff

                                                                Photo: Harper’s Bazaar Getty Images

Sticking to the best Chanel traditions, Karl Lagerfeld keeps surprising us with all possible setting themes ranging from an airport, space stations to grocery stores and beyond. This year was no exception. For its fall 2018 show the Grand Palais dived into a lifelike dark forest mood with tall trees and leaf-covered floors. Setting the tone for the fall, models walked through the pile of leaves showcasing varied looks in neutral shades of black and gray. Classic tweed and fur coats as well as black lace gowns were paired with colorful hues of blue, orange and pink in a form of oversized scarves and fingerless gloves adding mismatching earrings as a final touch. No doubt contrasting looks will stand out the Chanel women from the moody forest yet allowing them to be stylish and elegant.




Helsinki-based, Anna is an MA graduate in English Philology, an inspirational corporate English trainer at goFluent professional training language school, and a former Campus Correspondent/writer/social media manager at HC Helsinki. When Anna is not teaching and running her language blog @annalina.eng , she can usually be found practicing chillout Hatha yoga and dancing energetic Zumba. 
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