5 Fall-Fitted Date Ideas in Helsinki

The fall in Helsinki provides countless opportunities for fun dates: the days are still at times beautiful and warm enough to do things outside, yet often grey, rainy and dark enough to be cozy and content inside. So grab a person you like – whether it is a romantic interest, a dear friend or just your wonderful self – and go do something fun and different. Here are five ideas that are particularly fitting for fall.

1. Have a movie night in Orion

Sure, movie night is a classic (and maybe a little cliché) date idea, but going to Orion, a beautiful old theater that shows movies from all decades and genres, makes it a bit more interesting. This autumn, they are showing Ingrid Bergman movies, fairytales and movies inspired by Star Wars – and these are only a fraction of their vast autumn programme.

Note: The theater does not sell any snacks, so be sure to come prepared. However, try to choose snacks that make as little sound as possible, as movie-loving Orion-goers are known for getting annoyed by people who dare to disturb their movie experience with loud snack-eating.

2. Have a fall picnic in Suomenlinna

Most people make their annual Suomenlinna trip in the summer, but why not have a lovely fall picnic there as well? Take a few blankets, a thermos full of hot drink and something to eat, and go enjoy the crisp air by the sea. The island is refreshingly empty of other people, and it is magical to get to witness night falling over the quiet island.

Note: Pick a non-windy day, because when it is windy in the city, it is really, really windy on the island, and you do not want to romantically freeze to death on your date.

3. Do some star-gazing in Kaivopuisto

On top of Kaivopuisto there is a tiny observatory that lights up on autumn nights (except for Mondays) and is open for everyone willing to pay 4 euros. Once you are in, you get to look at different objects in the sky, such as the moon, planets and stars, with a huge telescope, and there are experts from Ursa Astronomical Association to guide you.

Note: The observatory is only open on clear nights, naturally. You can check if the observatory is open on its Facebook page.

4. Go around the globe in Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden

Visiting Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden is like a small (and cheap!) trip around the world: there is a rainforest room, savanna room, desert room and Mediterranean room, just to name a few. Wandering around the rooms is guaranteed to make you marvel over the beauty of our planet. Pick the most gloomy and grey autumn day and be amazed at how green it can actually be inside the garden, giving you a friendly reminder that some day summer will return to Finland as well.

Note: Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden offers free entrance on two Thursday nights this fall: November 5th and December 3rd.

5. Take a nature walk to Lammassaari

Walking to Lammassaari, located near Arabianranta and Vanhankaupunginlahti, gives you a nice getaway from the city without actually having to leave it. You get to the island by walking on long duckboards in the midst of hay, which is an experience in itself. The island is a strange little place with not much except nature and tiny cottages in it – so, the ideal place for relaxing and wandering around.

Note: Climb up to Lammassaari's bird-watching tower and you will see an extraordinary view of the protected nature area that will make you question whether you really are in the middle of Helsinki – which you are, actually, as you are quite near to the geographical midpoint of Helsinki.