4 TED Talks Every University Student Should Watch

What we're learning from online educationDaphne Koller

This TED Talk discusses a website called Coursera, which offers free online courses for everyone around the world. So what makes this website better than other online courses? It offers a real course experience: it starts on a given day, and students watch videos weekly and complete assignments. These assignments have deadlines and are graded by university instructors. The video also discusses how not everyone has the opportunity to attend university, and how Coursera is a valid alternative. Definitely worth checking out!

What happens in your brain when you pay attention? - Mehdi Ordikhani-Seyedlar

Sometimes the best way to better succeed in your studies is to understand the science behind learning. This TED Talk explains what happens in your brain during the learning process, or in other words, when you pay attention. For instance, it discusses the difference between overt attention and covert attention. By understanding these differences you can learn to direct your attention and thus learn things more easily.

4 reasons to learn a new language - John McWhorter

Why bother to learn another language when almost everybody in the world will be able to communicate with just English sooner or later? This TED Talk explains why. This video is great for anyone who is on the fence about studying a new language or even minoring in a foreign language. This TED Talk talks about several reasons why learning foreign languages gives you a serious advantage in life.

How to get better at the things you care about - Eduardo Briceño

Most people go through life trying to do their best at whatever they’re doing. Everyone hopes that in the future they will be doing something they love. This TED Talk discusses how to get better about what you’re passionate about. Briceño explains how deliberately alternating between the learning zone and the performance zone helps boost your skills. The learning zone is when our goal is to improve, and the performance zone is when our goal is to do something as best as we can. A must watch for those who lack the techniques to get better at important skills!